Inductor is usually called the feeling, the self inductance coil is called inductance, mutual inductance coil is called transformer, they are all with enameled wire, cotton covered wire or plastic skin line in insulation skeleton or core (typically high-frequency transformer), iron core made of round a set series of electromagnetic induction of coaxial circle element, […]

The role of video optical transceiver in monitoring field

Video optical transceiver is the equipment that converts 1 to multi-channel analog video signals into optical signals through various codes and transmits them through optical fiber medium. As video signals are converted into optical signals through analog conversion and digital conversion technologies, video optical transceiver is divided into analog optical transceiver and digital optical transceiver. […]

Where is a good place to buy electronic components?

I am engaged in this line of work. Personal advice: for convenience, you can browse the Internet to compare the local electronic components market. If you don't mind long-distance transportation, you can go to Huaqiang electronic network, love procurement, Lichuang Mall, Yaogan network, Alibaba 1688, positive energy electronic network and so on these official websites... […]

As an electronic engineer, how to select components, what good experience do you have?

I do component selection, I think hardware engineers have a better understanding of circuits, but lack of understanding of components. If your company has a component engineer, consult with them. If not, there are a few simple rules for component selection. The basic principle of device selection is to select universal and cost-effective materials. Common […]

Category introduction of electronic components

Electronic components are components of electronic components and electrical small machines and instruments. They are often composed of several parts and can be used in similar products. Often refers to electrical appliances, radio, instrumentation and other industrial parts, such as capacitance, transistor, spring, spring and other sub-devices. Business opportunities trading network will give you a […]