Working Principle of the current sensor How to connect the current sensor

Current sensor, is a kind of detection device, can feel the information of the measured current, and can be detected and feel the information, according to a certain law to meet a certain standard of electrical signal or other required form of information output, in order to meet the transmission, processing, storage, display, recording and control of information and other requirements. Next, I will tell you in detail how the current sensor works how the current sensor is wired

First, the working principle of the current sensor

Hall principle current sensor is based on Hall magnetic balance principle (closed loop) and Hall direct measurement (open loop) two basic principles.
Open loop current sensor principle: the original boundary flux produced by the current IP is high quality core gathered in magnetic circuit, the hall element is fixed in a small air gap, the magnetic flux test, linear hall hall device output voltage after dealing with the special circuit, output and the original vice side waveform consistent with output voltage, the voltage accurately reflect changes in the primary side current.

Hall current sensors can measure all types of currents, from direct current to tens of kilohertz alternating current, based on the Hall effect,

Working principle of current sensor

Two, how to connect the current sensor

The wiring modes of the current sensor are as follows:

1, one phase wiring, used to measure one phase or three phase (by transfer switch) current.

2, incomplete star connection, also called V connection, used to measure the load balanced or unbalanced three-phase three-wire system of current sensor circuit current, 6-10 kv neutral point grounding system is widely used, incomplete y connection of relay protection circuit, can seal all kinds of interphase short circuit protection, but poor sensitivity compared with three-phase y connection, But using one less transformer cuts costs.

3, differential wiring, usually used in relay protection lines, such as line or motor protection and capacitor crosslink differential protection, it can reflect various phases of short circuit.

4. Star wiring, measuring the three-phase current of three-phase power system with balanced or unbalanced load. This wiring mode has the same sensitivity and high reliability for three-phase, two-phase short circuit and single-phase ground short circuit.

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