1 thought on “Internet entrepreneurs from "Huake" are far more than 14th. See how many of you know?”

  1. In the Chinese IT technology circle, the "Huake Department" has always been dazzling. Huawei, China's largest multinational communications company, 30%of employees from Huake. What is even more eye -catching is that the school's entrepreneurial tradition is the focus of many investors or investment companies.

    I Gongqi stars will take everyone to see which entrepreneurs from the Internet industry are from the "Huake Department":

    1, "Father of WeChat" Zhang Xiaolong

    Zhang Xiaolong graduated from the Master of Telecommunications Department of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. He has developed a domestic email client -Foxmail to get the first bucket of gold in life. Later, after joining Tencent, Tencent WeChat was known as "Father of WeChat" and was named "2012 China Innovation People" by the Wall Street Journal. Today, as a senior vice president of Tencent, Zhang Xiaolong is mainly responsible for the management of the Guangzhou R

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