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  1. Tiancheng pigeon brand advantages Tiancheng pigeon industry is the national nationwide meat pigeon breeding demonstration base named after the country.
    The day of the pigeon breed superiority company currently has 9 varieties and 13 products. It adopts the world's most advanced genetic gene breeding technology. Control technology, after eight selection of self -selected Tiancheng Wangge increased by 31.5%compared with ordinary pigeons.
    The day of the technical advantages of the pigeon industry with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Guangdong Institute of Poultry, China
    each pair of breeds of pigeons per day at 0.12-0.14 catties, about 45 pounds per year Feed; each output of about 20 days, a pigeon weighing 1 pound, requires 2.1 catties of feed. If a pair of pigeons produce 20 pigeons per year, a total of 42 pounds of feed are required. ;
    The feed is calculated at 1.4 yuan per catty throughout the year, and each pair of pigeons pay a total of 126 yuan per year; health sand, vaccine and health medicines are calculated at 10 yuan. 28 yuan; the price of pigeons has a small fluctuations in four seasons. The average price of the annual average price is 13.5 yuan per year. The sales income of 270 yuan is reduced by 154 yuan. Different levels, feed prices and sales prices should be calculated according to the actual situation.
    The units such as the Institute of Automation Agricultural Research have established technical guidance and cooperation relationships, and have obtained 33 patents issued by the State Intellectual Property Office.

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