Use mobile phone card, save electricity more than Unicom telecom card?

A netizen commented that the same phone, Samsung Note9, saves battery power far more when plugged into the mobile card alone than when plugged into the Unicom card alone. Online, wifi is also used in this case. This IS THE BATTERY LIFE OF THE MOBILE CARD INSERTED YESTERDAY AFTERNOON UNTIL 8:20 AM TODAY. Besides SCROLLING […]

What types of semiconductor diodes can be classified according to their construction?

The semiconductor diode mainly depends on the PN junction and work. The point contact type and Schottky type, which are inseparable from the PN junction, are also included in the range of general diodes. So what types can it be classified according to its construction? Follow Xiaobian to have a look ~ ⒈ Dot contact […]

VAISALA VAISALA Sensor (Finland)

VAISALA isa famous Finnish manufacturer of industrial measuring instruments and equipment. VAISALA is now recognized as a global leader in environmental and industrial testing technology. Their businesses include carbon dioxide measurements, luminance measurements, water content in oil, pressure sensing, and road conditions measurements, as well as multi-purpose weather sensors that measure wind, rain, and humidity. […]

What are the integrated circuit processes?

So-called integrated circuit technology, is the transistors, diodes, resistors, capacitors and so on certain process will be needed for the circuit elements such as transistors, diodes, resistors, capacitors, and then use the proper process for interconnection, then encapsulated within the shell, the volume of the whole circuit is greatly reduced, the number of wires and […]

Working Principle of the current sensor How to connect the current sensor

Current sensor, is a kind of detection device, can feel the information of the measured current, and can be detected and feel the information, according to a certain law to meet a certain standard of electrical signal or other required form of information output, in order to meet the transmission, processing, storage, display, recording and […]

Metal stamping process classification

​The Hardware stamping process can be divided into two categories: hot stamping and cold stamping. Metal stamping hot stamping is to heat metal materials to a certain temperature range of stamping processing method. The characteristics of hot punching are: can eliminate internal stress, avoid work hardening, increase the plasticity of materials, reduce deformation resistance, reduce […]

Do you know the reflection principle of terminal resistance signal?

During communication, there are two causes of terminal resistance signal reflection: impedance discontinuity and impedance mismatch. Impedance discontinuity, the signal at the end of the transmission line suddenly meets the cable impedance is very little or no, the signal will cause reflection at this point. The principle of signal reflection is similar to the way […]