Tariffs on electronic transmissions would hit the global semiconductor industry hard

The 12th WTO Ministerial Conference will be held in Geneva in mid-June. Recently, the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) weighed in on tariffs on electronic transmissions. That's when tariffs on electronic transmissions, the 25-year-old basis of global digital trade, will be settled within a week The SIA argues that the WTO has not imposed tariffs on […]

Another xiaomi chip

On July 1, three days before the launch of Xiaomi's 12S series, Lei Jun, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, announced a new self-developed chip on weibo: The Mi Paper G1 battery management chip. This is also the new member of thepaper.cn series chip after thepaper.cn P1 charging chip. The Paper G1 can monitor the […]

South Korea's chip inventories surged 53.4 percent in May as consumer electronics demand slowed markedly

Demand for memory chips in consumer electronics has clearly cooled, although demand for chips in cars remains in short supply. Financial Union June 30 - (editor Liu Rui) although the car chip is still in short supply, but consumer electronics memory chip demand has obviously cooled. South Korea's national chip inventory rose 53.4% in May […]

Scientists develop the first molecular electronic chip

The first molecular electronic chip has been developed, fulfilling the 50-year goal of integrating a single molecule into a circuit to reach the ultimate extended limit of Moore's Law. The chip, developed by Roswell Biotechnologies and a multidisciplinary team of leading academic scientists, uses a single molecule as a common sensor element in a circuit, […]

Another blow to American chips could see Intel knocked down to number three by TSMC

As TSMC reported results for April and May, Taiwan media estimated its revenue for the second quarter of this year to be as high as $18.2 billion. Intel's estimated revenue for the quarter was $18 billion, which means TSMC is likely to overtake Intel to become the world's second-largest semiconductor company, led by Samsung. Intel […]

Chip "money printing machine" TSMC: revenue, profit, market capitalization will be the world's first

Is it profitable to make chips? Of course it makes money! But if you want to make a lot of money in the chip field, it is not easy, because core is a high threshold, long cycle, big investment industry. Building a wafer factory is often billions of dollars, even tens of billions of dollars, […]

How to distinguish the true and false OF IC chip?

An IC(IntegratedCircuit) is a chip that integrates many microelectronic components (such as transistors, resistors, capacitors, diodes, etc.) on a plastic substrate. Integrated circuits. In a broad sense, the concept of IC chip is the general term for semiconductor component products. Domestic IC market has a lot of IC terms: bulk new goods, refurbished goods, original […]

Working principle of MCU single chip in UAV

Uavs are drones that are operated by radio-controlled devices and their own program controls, or operated independently, completely or intermittently, by on-board computers, Uav is widely used in aerial photography, agriculture, plant protection, micro-selfie, express delivery, disaster rescue, observing wildlife, monitoring infectious diseases, surveying and mapping, news reporting, electricity inspection, disaster relief, film and television […]