VAISALA VAISALA Sensor (Finland)

VAISALA isa famous Finnish manufacturer of industrial measuring instruments and equipment. VAISALA is now recognized as a global leader in environmental and industrial testing technology. Their businesses include carbon dioxide measurements, luminance measurements, water content in oil, pressure sensing, and road conditions measurements, as well as multi-purpose weather sensors that measure wind, rain, and humidity. VAISALA company's main customer base for the world's weather, civil aviation, national defense security, road and rail transportation, water resources management, and research institutions, the insurance industry, public utilities, and a variety of industrial applications, the company produces the product 97% for export, especially the environmental measuring is a world leading position.

Outstanding features: Vaisala founder and manager Professor VilhoVaisala invented the principle of radiosonde and produced the first Finnish-made radiosonde in December 1931. At the beginning of Vaisala's establishment, the export business accounted for more than 95% of its total amount. Starting from a small scale, Vaisala established itself as a leader in the field of measurement and became a well-known Finnish exporter. 97% of Vaisala's products are sold in more than 140 countries. Advanced technology, keen scientific research and stable development make Vaisala's products enjoy a high reputation in the professional field.

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