The main line connection mode used in power transformation and distribution

Electrical wiring in substation includes primary circuit wiring and secondary circuit wiring. The primary circuit, also known as the main circuit, refers to the circuit through which the electric energy flows. The main equipment includes generators, transformers, circuit breakers, isolation switches, lightning arresters, fuses and voltage and current transformers, etc. The wiring of the main […]

What basic knowledge should be mastered if you want to purchase electronic components?

Classification of electronic components The basic components used in manufacturing or assembling electronic complete machines are called electronic components, components are independent individuals in electronic circuits. Active component and passive component Active component refers to the active functions such as amplifying, oscillating, controlling current or energy distribution and even performing data operation and processing when […]

How to find customers in electronic processing and electronic components industry?

1. Identify your target audience Before developing customers, we must be clear about our target customers. In IC foreign trade industry, as an independent distributor, our possible target customers mainly fall into two categories: A. Channels: domestic and foreign distributors (such as brokers on IC foreign trade platform) B. Terminal category: domestic and foreign manufacturers […]