What are the well-known smart chip brands on the market

With the rise of artificial intelligence, intelligent chips have been developed vigorously in recent years. Compared with traditional chips, smart chips are larger in scale, more complex in structure and more powerful in computing power, which can provide new technical support for complex intelligent processing requirements such as large data volume, multi-task and high throughput. Now intelligent chips have been widely used in image recognition, speech recognition, intelligent driving, intelligent security, consumer electronics and other fields.

At present, there are a variety of smart chips on the market, a variety of styles, there are many brands, but the quality and price are uneven, do not know the brand do not know how to choose, want to find their favorite smart chip brand to choose? Today, I would like to share with you some well-known smart chip brands in the market, such as HUAWEI, HUAWEI, MI MI, AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, Horizon Horizon, Google, Vimicro, DEEPHi, Zhongtian And so on, which are all very good. Deeply favored by many consumers, the following for you to introduce.


Huawei is the world's leading information and communication technology (ICT) solutions provider, focusing on THE ICT field, building end-to-end solutions advantages in telecom operators, enterprises, terminals and cloud computing, providing competitive ICT solutions, products and services for operators, enterprise customers and consumers.

What are the well-known smart chip brands on the market

Second, MI Xiaomi

Xiaomi is an innovative technology company focusing on the construction of high-end smart phones, Internet TV and smart home ecological chain. Since its inception, it has maintained a growth rate that surprises the world.

Three, ultra micro semiconductor AMD

Advanced Micro Devices, inc. (AMD) is a leading brand in the design and manufacturing of microprocessors, working closely with customers and partners to develop the next generation of computing and graphics processing solutions for the commercial, home and gaming sectors.

A: Intel

With the popularity of personal computers, Intel corporation became the world's largest design and production of semiconductor technology giant, for the growing global computer industry to provide building blocks, including microprocessors, chipsets, boards, systems and software.


NVIDIA® has expertise in programmable Gpus (graphics processing units) and has made many breakthroughs in parallel processing that have popularized the use of low-cost supercomputers.

Six, the horizon horizon

Horizon Horizon is a complete and open embedded AI solution technology enterprise, focusing on providing high performance, low power consumption, low cost, complete and open embedded AI solution.

7. Google

Google has become one of the world's most recognizable brands almost entirely because of its users' admiration for its utility and convenience.

8. China Star Microvimicro

Zhongxing Micro is a technology enterprise integrating the development/design and industrialization of digital multimedia chips, whose products are widely used in the high-speed multimedia application fields such as personal computer, broadband, mobile communication and information home appliances. Our customers include a large number of domestic and foreign enterprises.

Ix. Deep Learning DEEPHi

Shenjian technology is a new brand in the field of AI chips. The company provides original neural network deep compression technology and DPU platform to provide end-to-end solutions for deep learning.

Ten, midday micro

Currently, Hangzhou Zhongtian Microsystem Co., Ltd. has developed 7 types of embedded CPUS covering high, middle and low embedded applications, and has become a CPU supplier in China that develops embedded CPUS based on independent instruction architecture and realizes mass production.

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