What are the application areas of hardware accessories?

Hardware FITTINGS IS THE SMALL HARDWARE THAT SHOWS METAL TO PASS THE PROGRAM SUCH AS STAMPING TO MAKE AND BECOME, WAIT LIKE GASKET, RIVET, BUTTON. These hardware products are widely used in all walks of life, people's production, life. What are those areas?

First, clothing bags

The buttons and rivets in the hardware accessories are mostly used in the clothing luggage industry. For example, the buttons on jeans, metal accessories or joints on bags and bags, the requirements for such hardware are good material, environmental protection, non-toxic to the human body, long-term use does not affect health, and not easy to rust and deformation.

Second, electronic technology

Such as shrapnel, a kind of hardware accessories, mostly used in electronic products, such as sockets, electrical battery bin and so on. This kind of product has very high requirements for the material, needs strong safety, electrical conductivity and high temperature resistance and electricity, otherwise it will bring product safety risks.

6eccefcd664b9a61af17f9af20bb30323. Medical machinery

There are some hardware accessories products that can be used for medical devices. This kind of product material has higher requirements and control, needs to strictly meet the standards, metal stamping parts manufacturers through a number of tests, to determine that the product material will not have harmful effects on the human body.

Four, household articles

If so can also be used for curtains, hole cover can be used for ambry, etc. There is a kind of hardware product belonging to the household hardware. This kind of material durability requirements are higher, require products to be sustainable use, have a longer service life, cost-effective and easy to replace.

Besides, STILL have a few hardware fittings that can be used for stationery, safety appliances and so on. The hardware is small but versatile.

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