Sex Doll Exhibition Memories! (2)

Also because of this, in the video of the doll, other, is the baby owners of the current persuasion. Today, the development of life-size dolls has gone through a history of 20 years in China, and its adult color is gradually faded, replaced by BJD (refers to a variety of relatively tiny delicate and movable dolls with ball-shaped joints), which is endowed with the accompanying function of emotional tendency.

The difficult development of life-size dolls relies on the innovation of in technology and appearance. It is precisely because the doll is becoming more sophisticated that buyers are seeing it more and more as a person.

"If you take it as your favorite doll and wash and powder it every week, sex doll us will stay in your house for ten years," said an elderly woman I met at the exhibition. But if you want to make some strange action for it, less than half a year, the doll's skin will be broken, "looking at their favorite, so lovely face, I think you will not give up."

c5eca0a466f2cfcf6b4fde97eeade7e5The humanoid dolls, first made of rubber in Japan 40 years ago, sell for about 38,000 yen. The price of a motorcycle, motorcycle tire like feel, not ordinary people can consume. In the 1980s, dolls made of soft glue appeared, which felt better, but the price soared to 100,000 yen.

The silicone dolls we are familiar with today did not enter the Chinese market until 2000. Ten years later, TPE(a kind of extremely resilient, high-strength plastic) doll was first made as a real dress model in China, and it took numerous technological innovations to come up with the soft, malleable product.

At present, the silicone doll on the market, most of the use of silicone head carving +TPE limb composition. This will ensure that the features are delicate and the body is soft. In addition, there are dolls made of cloth and handmade materials. Cloth dolls as a whole are relatively light and take the route of the second element, fabric skin, sponge and other soft materials to fill, 1, 2 thousand yuan you can have. Hand-handled material, it is heavier, lost softness but exquisite degree is not comparable to other materials, single price more than 50,000 yuan.

Therefore, silica gel +TPE material doll by its inexpensive characteristics firmly occupied the majority of the domestic market. Domestic doll manufacturers continue to improve the silicone production process, trying to create their own advantages, so as to better meet consumers.

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