Use mobile phone card, save electricity more than Unicom telecom card?

A netizen commented that the same phone, Samsung Note9, saves battery power far more when plugged into the mobile card alone than when plugged into the Unicom card alone. Online, wifi is also used in this case. This IS THE BATTERY LIFE OF THE MOBILE CARD INSERTED YESTERDAY AFTERNOON UNTIL 8:20 AM TODAY. Besides SCROLLING news, XIMalAYA LISTENING has been busy, and it still HAS 68% battery LIFE. If that was the case with the Unicom card, it would have charged last night. This feeling is very accurate and real, but it doesn't make sense. As note9 knows, it doesn't support 5G.

In A WORD, IF a MOBILE phone card of a certain operator is inserted separately, users feel that using China Mobile card is more power saving than using China Unicom card under the same intensity of use. I wonder if anyone else has ever been in a similar situation?

In fact, technically speaking, this difference in experience is not a psychological suggestion, but a real possibility. For example, in the same area, the network signal coverage of different operators is not the same, the network with poor signal, because the radio frequency module of the mobile phone must constantly search for signals, it will naturally lead to a significant increase in power consumption in the background. It's the same with Pr phone cards.

bff9e40e06a77f3cabea25d8d51a040fIn addition to the strength of the signal, it is also related to the standard technology adopted by each operator. For example, China Mobile's 4G is TDD time division duplex mode. According to its working principle, the message is sent at different times in the same frequency channel, even in milliseconds, the RF module does not have to be turned on all the time. Because you don't send it when you receive it, and you don't receive it when you send it, so it saves electricity. The 4G networks of China Unicom and China Telecom mainly adopt FDD frequency division duplex mode, which transmits and receives in two channels, and the RF module is always open, so it consumes power.

Although this objective technical difference can make the difference in experience, it cannot be emphasized in one aspect because there are many factors affecting power consumption, such as signal, mobile phones, environment and technology.

Do you not know many card friends, have a separate card tried to use the same frequency under the specific battery difference?

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