Identification methods of common electronic components

Due to a wide variety of electronic components, here we mainly talk about resistance, capacitance, crystal diode, voltage regulator diode, inductance, variable capacitance diode, crystal triode, field effect transistor amplifier and other identification methods. Hope the following content can help you. 1. The resistance Resistance identification method is mainly parameter identification method, parameter identification method […]

Ten common electronic components, what are they?

Electronic products has been very popular in our daily life occupy very important position in life, such as: mobile phone, computer, TV, etc., these devices there are thousands of electronic components, therefore, we ignore the existence of it, usually what we commonly used electronic components, we together and see it today. I. Common electronic components […]

What’s the dark side of the electronic component market?

Let’s start with the types of “fake goods” 1. Refurbished goods, as the name implies, are electronic components that have been used. They are removed from various boards and processed again, and then become new goods and return to the market for trading. Refurbished goods are generally received customer orders, from the market to buy […]