The most romantic proposal ever: homemade bath balls

Recently, a male friend wanted to propose to his girlfriend, but including the movie theater, going to a fancy restaurant, and using candles to propose the words are too ancient. Is there a more innovative and romantic way to propose? Now there’s a better place for a proposal ring to hide: inside a bath ball!

When a woman is in the bath, she is really relaxed, extremely happy, even feels lovely, then in addition to the healing fragrance, romantic petals can also give her a huge surprise! Let the bath bomb factory teach you how to make it.

9d42fe36528b7abd10094d7f2d624307First of all, you need to prepare:

Edible pigment

Essential oils (lavender, rose… You can choose your preference)

Oil (for moisturizing, castor oil is used in the example, but olive oil works nicely also)

Citric acid

Corn starch

Baking soda

Egg beater

Combine 1 teaspoon of perfume essence with 2 tablespoons of castor oil in a bowl.

Add cornstarch, baking soda and citric acid (strain through a sieve) to a separate bowl.

Add the liquid to the powder mix, knead nicely with your hands, and continue to add additional castor oil until the mixture begins to feel wet and sandy.

If you want to make a two-color bath ball, divide the mixture between bowls and add different colors of food coloring.

Press the mixture into the molding machine, you can choose the final shape of the bath ball.

Here comes the big one! Put the ring in the mixture, don’t forget the petals, and wait for the bath ball to melt before filling the bath with romantic petals.

Wait till she takes a bath for the lovely surprise!

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