What are the development directions of soft adhesive TPE adult products?

The development direction of soft adhesive TPE adult products is as follows:

Soft and high elasticity: Collagen-like skin, low hardness microcellular foaming material, uniform foaming to solve the high elasticity of BBdoll skin realism, the application of low hardness materials in the application of artificial intelligence robots will be more and more prominent.

Skin-friendly feeling: silica gel is expensive and the recycling cost is high. The imitation silica gel material solves this problem and reduces the plastic feeling. When you touch it, it feels good, it’s really soft.

Color fantasy: The traditional doll has a uniform skin color, which is easy to see as a toy. However, the low-hardness color painting material solves the problem of traditional TPE color painting, making the toy more realistic and closer to the uneven and irregular skin color of real people. The price of this kind of toy is 10 times that of ordinary material.

Temperature sensing: TPE material solves the safety problem of traditional heating wire. At present, it has been successfully developed and will automatically heat up to 20℃-30℃.

In recent years, soft adhesive TPE has been more widely used in some display props, Barbie dolls, medical teaching models and mask products. Product processing mode is mainly injection molding or pouring. For some human body display props, in addition to the selection of raw materials, the design of product skeleton is more important, so as to have the effect close to real activity.

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