The effectiveness of the main functions of the steam room

You must want to understand what the steam room will bring to the human body to keep normal and beneficial effects. The following wholesale shower steamers according to different functions, comb the main functions of the steam room, so that we can understand the health care function of the steam room more precisely.

First, the benefits of steam sauna:

1) Steam room sauna room can freckle beauty tender and smooth skin

The steam in the steam room can penetrate the heat into the underlying tissues of our skin, kill the bacteria, remove the excess dead skin and fatty, activate the self-repair function of the human body, so as to whiten the skin and remove the roughness, wrinkles and dryness.

2) Steam room sauna can eliminate fatigue

Steam room can improve the body temperature, let the body sweat, eliminate body fatty and heat, but also can relieve body fatigue, restore physical and mental vitality.

3) Steam room sauna room to improve human insomnia

Steam room can relax human muscles, open pores, let the body in a relaxed state, can improve insomnia, dream and other sleep problems, delay aging, nourish skin and beautify.

4) Steam room can remove rheumatic meridians dredging

Steam room with a collection of traditional Chinese medicine fumigation methods, so that the user can achieve blood circulation and pain relief, Tongluo Qu Feng, eliminate congestion, rheumatism, rheumatism has a very excellent effect. With the doctor prescribed Chinese medicine to use, the effect is better.

5) Steam room sauna room to remove cold conditioning gastrointestinal problems

By activating blood and accelerating metabolism, regulating the human body’s gastrointestinal problems, constipation problems, diet diseases and so on have a great effect, especially the youthful and middle-aged.

Two, the benefits of acupuncture massage:

1) 360-degree massage

Acupuncture massage frequency is elevated, through different rhythm, different directions (top spray, betrayal, side spray, foot massage) acupuncture massage transformation, can achieve the effect of 3D human body massage.

2) Relieve fatigue

Acupuncture massage has elevated permeability, its heat and pressure can reach the human body’s internal deep subcutaneous tissue and spread to the surrounding, can achieve the effect of soothing nerves, refreshing.

3) Delay aging

​can promote pore contraction and stretch, accelerate the relaxation of muscle contraction, strong restore skin elasticity.

4) Improve sleep

Acupuncture massage can dredge meridians, accelerate blood return, improve blood supply, eliminate fatigue, away from insomnia.

5) Improve digestion

Plantar acupoint massage can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, relieve constipation, improve gastrointestinal function, relieve pain and discomfort in various parts of the human body.

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