2022 cost-effective true wireless collar microphone selection guide: live, short video Vlog recording

Wireless lapel microphone, a type of wireless microphone, has become popular recently. It is a small, small and portable microphone, usually worn in the location of the user's clothing lapel. It can be freed from the cable, and the user can do whatever he or she wants without worrying about the sound. It is generally […]

Import electronic components to buy recommended website

The first choice to buy imported electronic components is Zhaoyi Microwave Mall. Zhaoyi Microwave Mall is a radio frequency chip as the main business products, imported device brands up to hundreds of, the main radio frequency chips and peripheral related equipment. The company has 18 years of sales experience in the traditional industry, among the […]

What are the platforms for international procurement of electronic components?

You can understand the components of the original factory of Sacco micro semiconductor company. Sacco Micro SLKOR, the technical team from Tsinghua University and Yonsei University team, in the process of breaking through electronic components technology and products abroad, actively do a good job of "domestic replacement". Slkor Sacco micro diode, transistor, ESD anti-static anti-surge […]