Classification of elevators

​The elevator is the vertical transport equipment of multi-storey buildings. It has a car and a counterweight, connected by wire rope, driven by the traction wheel driven by motor, along the vertical guide rail up and down. Elevators are installed in warehouses, stations, wharves, hospitals, office buildings, hotels, restaurants and residential buildings.

Classification of elevators

Elevators can be classified from different angles.

One, according to the use of classification

1. Passenger elevator

It's an elevator designed for carrying passengers. Suitable for high-rise apartments and office buildings, guesthouses, restaurants, hotels, etc. Requirements for safety and comfort, lovely decoration.

2.​ warehouse elevator lift

A normally manned elevator designed primarily for carrying goods. Suitable for factories, stores, warehouses, etc. The structure is firm, the safety is excellent, and the speed is typically below 1m/s.

3. Passenger and freight (dual use) elevator

An elevator is used primarily for carrying passengers, but may also carry goods. The difference between it and the passenger elevator is the different interior decoration structure of the car, which is commonly called the service elevator. Suitable for hotels, restaurants, hotels, etc.

14667c603dadb8541d374db4b7a33e364. Residential elevator Elevators designed for use in residential buildings. ​Typically, the set selection or the next set selection control mode.

5. Utility elevator

An elevator is used by libraries, office buildings, restaurants to transport books, documents, food, etc., but no one is allowed to enter. This kind of elevator has a simple structure, the control button is outside the hall door, and there is no necessary safety device for passengers.

6. Marine elevator

An elevator installed on a ship for use by passengers and crew or additional personnel. The speed of Marine elevator should be less than or equal to 1m/s, which can operate properly in the rocking ship.

7. Elevators for cars

Used for vertical transport of various vehicles. This kind of elevator car area is large, the structure is firm, the ladder speed is not more than 1m/s. Some do not have a cage top.

8. Sightseeing elevator

It is a transparent elevator with transparent car walls for sightseeing. ​generally installed on the outer wall of towering buildings.

9. Hospital bed lift

It is an elevator designed for the transport of hospital beds. It is characterized by a narrow and deep car.

10. ​New elevators

In addition to the above common elevators, there are cold storage elevators, hydraulic elevators, explosion-proof elevators, escalators, moving sidewalks, construction elevators, mine elevators and additional special elevators.

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