White corundum wear-resistant powder is industrial alumina as raw material. After smelting refining crystallization, its hardness is slightly higher than brown corundum, toughness is slightly lower, elevated purity, excellent self-sharpening, grinding ability, tiny heat, great efficiency, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance thermal stability. It is mainly used for sandblasting, grinding and polishing ceramic products, coating, whetstone, grinding stone, grinding stone, ceramic film, etc.

White corundum wear - resistant powder main use

1, refractory materials, furnace charge, castable, ramming miscellaneous material, firebrick, casting, etc.; ​sandblasting machine sandblasting, semiconductor sandblasting, silicon chip sandblasting, circuit board sandblasting, surface treatment, rust removal, sandblasting air conditioning equipment, mobile phone shell sandblasting, kitchenware sandblasting, tungsten, titanium and other rare metal products carbide sandblasting, etc.; ​cosmetic industry cosmetics, beauty crafts manufacturing, dermabrasion, ceramic products, grinding and polishing chamfering, etc.

2, the production of welding materials, hardware, titanium alloy glass frame and additional sandblasting polishing, ceramic glaze, epoxy sand, wear-resistant floor coating, powder coating, environmental protection coating, anti-corrosion coating, wear-resistant floor coating additives, grindstone, grinding stone, whetstone and other products production;

3, polishing wax, polishing liquid, polishing paste, such as buttons, following, rub silver rod polishing grinding fluid, grinding media such as abrasives, floor paint, adhesives, electronic adhesive, glass fiber reinforced plastic wear-resisting plate, glass fiber reinforced plastic surface paint, ceramic filter plate production, the ceramic foam filter, porous ceramics, ceramic, water filtration ceramics, honeycomb ceramics, etc.

4, ceramic/ceramic membrane separation membrane/ceramic plate membrane/plate type tubular ceramic membrane/ceramic membrane filter film/membrane components, diamond grinding wheel, such as silicon, dry/wet sending piece of diamond tools, resin grinding, resin gel, wear-resisting layer insulation board production, such as stone polishing wheel and additional production/polished stone, cobblestone, marble, granite, agate jewelry, etc.;

5, glass grille production, platinum melting crucible production, casting instead of zirconium powder, shell body materials, rubber roller/photoelectric industry/ceramic/diamond resin grinding wheel/washbasin surface coating filler, quartz glass cutting material, ceramic dewaxing isolation powder, etc.;

6, floor/floor paint/resin gelcoat/coating/non-stick paint/Teflon paint/powder coating wear-resistant powder/inorganic zinc rich anti-skid paint, etc., the production of quicksand painting, etc.

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