How to check the appearance quality of electronic components

Electronic components also have a wide range of applications, such as thyristors (SCR), inductor coils, transformers, crystal oscillators, earphones, resistors, capacitors, etc., all of which use electronic components. Any product in the production process will produce some bad appearance, electronic components are no exception, then, how to check the appearance quality of electronic components?

How to check the appearance quality of electronic components?

When identifying and testing electronic components, the following operations shall be carried out:

1. The model, specification, manufacturer and origin of the components must meet the design requirements, and the outer package must be intact.

2, the electrode lead of electronic components should be free from pressure folding and bending, and the coating should be intact and smooth, without oxidation corrosion.

3, check the appearance of electronic components must be intact, the surface has no dents, scratches, cracks and other defects, such as coated components must not fall off and scratch.

How to check the appearance quality of electronic components4. The model and specification marks on the electronic components should be clear and complete, and the color position and color should meet the standards. The characters on the integrated circuit should be carefully checked.

5. The size of the components of the mechanical structure should be qualified, the thread should be flexible, and the rotation feel should be appropriate.

6, switch components flexible operation, feel good; Connectors should be suitable for tightness and good contact.

Components in various electronic products have their own characteristics, and the inspection content should be determined according to the specific requirements of each component.

Ii. Recommendation of appearance testing equipment for electronic components

In general, electronic components need to test for all kinds of external bumps, especially so-called protruding angles, rough edges, and other bumps. If eye detection of choose and employ persons, will appear all sorts of problems, such as people's mental state and emotional state, influence the accuracy of surface testing, causes the product defective rate rise, or the human eye can't detect some defects, therefore, need to use the surface testing equipment, the following is the electronic components surface testing equipment.

1, CCD automatic vision detection equipment

CCD automatic visual inspection equipment, in the detection of inductance, the detection efficiency is very high, the detection accuracy is also very high. CCD automated visual inspection equipment, the appearance of the electronic components can be directly extracted, when judging appearance image available, from the appearance of the image to identify the first area, according to the first region to test the appearance of the image, the detection results of a key generation electronic elements, a good product and bad product separated automatically, solve the problem of product quality to a great extent.

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