Check the resistance damage mode

Resistors are the most abundant electronic component, but not the one with the highest damage rate.

Resistance damage is most common with open circuit. It's rare to get a higher resistance, and it's very rare to get a lower resistance. Common carbon film resistance, metal film resistance, winding resistance and safety resistance. The first two resistors are the most widely used.

Damage is characterized by low resistance (less than 100 ω) and high resistance (higher than 100K ω) damage rate is high, the middle resistance (such as hundreds to tens of thousands of ohms) damage is very few;

Check the resistance damage modeWhen a low resistance is damaged, it usually burns and blackens, which is easy to find, while a high resistance is damaged with almost no trace. Winding resistance is generally used for high current limiting and has a small resistance value. When wound resistors burn, some will turn black or surface burst, some will have no trace. Cement resistors, a type of wire wound resistance, may break when burned, otherwise there would be no visible traces. When the fuse burns, some surfaces explode a patch of skin, some surfaces have no marks, but some surfaces do not turn black.

According to the above features, damaged resistors can be found quickly when inspecting resistors.

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