From entry to mastery, I became an expert in the band sawing machine industry

As the saying goes, experts look at the door, amateurs watch the fun.

On the way of the buyer, open mouth to ask questions, can be very prominent focus, let the seller feel an expert, not false prices and specifications, more easily buy a reasonable price of the sawing machine.

Today to study the sawing machine industry, there is more demand for band sawing machine products.

Old rule: know your opponent before you can hit him accurately.

A 2-minute cognitive band sawing machine

Everyone with my heart meditation, band saw machine is used for sawing all kinds of metal materials, according to the structure is divided into horizontal and vertical; ​according to the function divided into semi-automatic, automatic, CNC. Horizontal can be divided into double columns and scissors. And a variety of special sawing machines.

The main components of band saw machine are: base, bed, column, saw beam and transmission mechanism, saw blade guide device, workpiece clamping device, saw blade tensioning device, feeding mechanism (automatic series), hydraulic transmission system, electrical control system, lubrication and cooling system.

If you can't remember what parameters you want to ask when buying a band saw machine, don't ask parameters of any parts casually, pretend to remain silent, so that the seller can't guess your mind.

Two, 5 minutes to understand the main parameters and main problems of the band saw industry saw machine

From entry to mastery, I became an expert in the band sawing machine industry

Buy a sawing machine, mainly look at the parameters of these aspects.

1, saw machine model, saw cutting capacity, band saw blade specifications, band saw blade speed, main motor, hydraulic motor, these factors determine whether the band saw machine can meet the needs of cutting.

2, shape size, weight: these factors are also very important, determine whether there is enough suitable site to use the sawing machine.

3. After looking at the above two points, we will continue to look at the key parts and accessories. The key parts of the sawing machine are the following ones.

As we all know, the key spare parts play a decisive role in the service life and safety of the sawing machine. Looking for manufacturers to provide these parameters can be more efficient in judging the quality of the sawing machine.

4, if the time is urgent, don't see so many parameters, see the following four points: whether the band sawing machine (long life), seamless copper motor hang wall (technology becomes more mature, sawing machine will be more stable, the saw blade is not easy to break) hydraulic oil cylinder (more responsive, not leak, relative to traditional oil cylinder at the same time, the more powerful).

5. Whether there is a high-torque turbine can be used as a reference, but it is not necessary to look at it. If it is Japanese, it will be the icing on the cake, but the price will definitely rise.

3, 3 minutes to understand the technical background of a band sawing machine

1. Whether it is German technology, German technology is more rigorous and reasonable. German technology is widely used in domestic sawing machine factories, which can be used as a required option.

2. Whether there are Japanese bearings? Japanese NSK bearings are ideal parts for middle and high-end machine tools, with low noise and compact structure.

3, whether there is a quality system certification certificate, which is issued by CUC for mechanical products certification. More important is GB/T19001, ISO9001:2012 these two systems are consistent.

4, other aspects: warranty period, generally 2 years warranty, lifelong repair. Logistics and installation, whether door-to-door installation is easy.

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