Metal stamping process classification

​The Hardware stamping process can be divided into two categories: hot stamping and cold stamping.

Metal stamping hot stamping is to heat metal materials to a certain temperature range of stamping processing method. The characteristics of hot punching are: can eliminate internal stress, avoid work hardening, increase the plasticity of materials, reduce deformation resistance, reduce the power consumption of equipment.

Cold stamping refers to the processing of metal materials at room temperature, generally applicable to billets with thickness less than 4mm. The characteristics of cold flushing are: no heating, no oxide skin, good surface quality, easy operation, low cost. The disadvantage is that there is a work hardening phenomenon, serious will make the metal lose further deformation ability. Cold stamping is suitable for: billet thickness uniform and small fluctuation range, smooth surface, no spot, no scratch, etc.

Metal stamping process classification

The structure of the die in stamping: The die is a die that separates or deforms the metal material. It is composed of two parts: upper die and lower die. The handle of the upper die is fixed on the slider of the punch, and the slider moves up and down, and the lower die is fixed on the workbench of the punch. For details, you can consult the relevant industry personnel of the Precision Metal Stamping Companies.

The punch and die are the working parts of the die that deform or separate the blank and are fixed to the upper and lower formwork respectively with a press plate. The upper and lower templates are equipped with guide sleeves and guide posts respectively to guide punch and die alignment. The guide plate and positioning pin are used to control the blank feeding direction and length respectively. The discharge plate is used to release the workpiece or blank from the punch after punching.

Classification of punching die: Punching die is an essential die in stamping production. The die can be divided into three types: simple die, continuous die and compound die.

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