What factors determine the price of electronic components?

Since 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic has continued to spread. Although it has been effectively controlled in China, the situation abroad remains grim. Many electronic component chip factories abroad have stopped work. Renesas Electronics factory in Japan suffered a fire a few months ago and stopped work for several months. A shortage of electronic components is compounded by a shortage of chips. So, have the prices of electronic components gone up this year? The answer is definitely yes. Prices of various electronic components are also rising due to a global shortage of chips. ADI, MCU and other major manufacturers have issued a price increase letter, material prices are about to rise.

Besides objective factors, what factors have determined the price rise of electronic components caused by original factory shutdown? Want to know the question?

1. Cost factors of electronic components.

The price of electronic components is mainly influenced by cost. Generally speaking, the price of raw materials will change as the market changes. Prices will continue to rise if raw materials are in short supply. If the supply of raw materials exceeds demand, the price will naturally fall.

What factors determine the price of electronic components?2. Quality of electronic components.

The price of electronic components is also closely related to the quality of electronic components. Electronic components consist of a number of electronic components and small machines. The instrument itself is made up of several parts. Quality electronic components and quality process electronic components are naturally more expensive.

3. Price trend of electronic components.

Now, with the continuous development of science and technology, electronic products are also making continuous progress, and the price of electronic components will not continue to rise. However, this growth did not happen overnight, because now there are more and more manufacturers of electronic components, and more and more electronic components, supply is enough. The price of some high-end electronic components has been high and should not change very much.

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