What's the dark side of the electronic component market?

Let's start with the types of "fake goods"

1. Refurbished goods, as the name implies, are electronic components that have been used. They are removed from various boards and processed again, and then become new goods and return to the market for trading.

What's the dark side of the electronic component market

Refurbished goods are generally received customer orders, from the market to buy old goods, to process refurbishment, so all need a few days of delivery.

Here's an example: A model of ALTERA original thousands of dollars, renovation for yard very much, the price also only a few dollars, this gap, I don't need to tell you know renovation is divided into the original code renovation renovation with code, source code as long as pass the test, the quality is no problem, the price is relatively expensive, but the code renovation cheap, but the bad rate is relatively high.

Conscience merchants are generally honest, let customers decide, but do not exclude a small part of the code for greater profits to supply customers, so the choice of suppliers is also very important.

2. Scattered new goods are divided into two kinds: one is that the factory produces too many products without packaging, and when dealing with the overstocked inventory, it will take them out and sell them to the people who receive the unified goods. Except for the lack of packaging, this kind of products are the same as the original package, and the purchase price is cheaper, and it is naturally cheaper than the original package in the market. The other is substandard products from factories, discarded components that are bought and sold by people who want to make a profit, and those who buy them consider themselves unlucky.

Because of the existence of these two sources of goods, there is a test room for testing these two kinds of goods, specializing in helping people test the quality of goods, and the income is quite rich. 3. Chinese-made goods. Imported chip packaging, can be said to be all selling chinese-made goods suppliers, my chip is imported, in order to save costs just assembled at home, the selling price is sure is cheap, a price a points goods where are applicable, because the cost of investment is not high, only on the material compression, So domestic chip quality compared to the imported original part or have a lot of distance, but since the things out of the zte, China is now the chip industry extremely seriously, too dependent on imports is a big disadvantages, huawei self-developed chip is a good start, expect a breakthrough for China as early as possible in terms of electronic components) 4. For standard goods, this point is more widely used in capacitors, capacitors have many brands, Samsung, Murata, TDk... Each brand has products with the same function, but some customers just want Murata. Murata is more expensive, while Samsung is cheaper. At this time, someone will replace the products of Samsung with murata's brand.

Another is old in the New Year, people are fickle, in electronic components, too, some New Year goods expensive, old copy of cheaper, then you can go to make a label change, old copy of also can sell to the price of the New Year (this is, of course, for can't see batch of goods on a chip) but now a lot of sophisticated equipment, You can see the chip body clearly, you can see clues at a glance, some people in the industry for a long time, check information can also be checked.

What's the dark side of the electronic component market

But some foreign factories are not so focused on these, as long as they can be used on the machine, so there are still a lot of people playing this operation.

How do you evaluate these deals? How to say, just do not have these "shady" electronic components, I believe in all walks of life have not said to the customer's secret, although these goods have done is not serious, but they are cheap, should know that not every customer can afford to buy authentic, now all aspects of our life cannot leave the electronic components, Would you abandon a machine because you couldn't afford a part? Obviously not. Business is about tailoring products to customers' needs.

Therefore, the customer's psychology is: I can accept the refurbished goods, but you have to provide me with the shelf life. The market is generally three months, but in foreign trade, long-term cooperation with customers has no time limit. As long as there is a problem with the goods, you have to solve it for me, or you will be replaced. Now there are too many people in this field in Huaqiangbei, and only in some details can we win the favor of customers. Doing business is a very practical thing, and long-term cooperation can only be achieved if it is profitable.

With the development of The Times, we have become inseparable from electronic components, but people who are not in this industry do not know much about this area, and I only have a clear understanding of it after three years in this industry.

Purchasing electronic components is a very training profession, in order to have a further understanding of this line, but also to know more people struggling in this line, I will often come to know the Lao.

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