Is there a future in purchasing electronic components?

In general, procurement usually involves the following:

1. Supplier development: according to the demand of the company to find the other material supplier, it need to be familiar with the inside of the related materials industry manufacturers, each material manufacturer quality condition, material of real-time market and market in the coming months, the materials delivery status of the whole, at the same time the supplier audit according to the company requirements (factory-examining) and so on.

Is there a future in purchasing electronic components

2. Price balance: the price of different materials is different, the price of different manufacturers is different, and the price of different quantity of materials is also different; How to balance the cost of various materials under the condition that the cost of the whole machine is limited, procurement also needs a lot of effort, especially in the company's regular cost reduction is particularly important.

3. Delivery: usually, the company for the finished product delivery, delivery is in accordance with the delivery of raw materials, but most of the time, the finished product delivery customers are specified for delivery, and even let the early delivery of the products, at this time of the purchase will need to coordinate the supplier's delivery, sometimes need to coordinate the BOM inside the material delivery, This is very important for the coordination and organization of procurement.

4. Quality control: This usually requires purchasers to have an understanding of the industry status of materials and the quality status of existing suppliers, which is also accumulated by experience.

5. Supplier management: the company customer orders are needed to maintain, but at the same time, also need supplier support to, including support from payment days, after all, if the company to buy all materials by cash, the company will have a lot of pressure, as well as support on price, suppliers are usually in accordance with the purchase amount to provide the corresponding price, How to get the maximum support from the supplier on the price in the limited purchase quantity is also the ability of postgraduate purchasing.

Is there a future in purchasing electronic components

6. Pressure: Purchasing requires a great ability to resist pressure, which comes from the company's internal pressure, especially when the delivery date of materials needs to be coordinated and the delivery date of suppliers is delayed.

After a few years of purchasing, you have mastered material resources and contacts, exercised your organizational ability and coordination ability, and improved your ability to withstand pressure. You have all these abilities, and you have the ability to be a leader. To say the least, you have mastered so many resources, and the range of choices outside has been quite large.

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