A buyer of electronic components

Procurement as an electronics company, every time looking for electronic components with electronic procurement platform, some company procurement website, baidu love procurement, many companies of the integrated procurement platform, choose good time, need to contact one by one, the key is you don't know true or false, buy fakes, engineers, production is looking for trouble, you good south ~

Do not understand how to distinguish ah key, and distinguish also very troublesome, a chip is so small, use a magnifying glass to see ~

A buyer of electronic components

Later, I heard a friend talking about his friend in the electronic industry. There are many shoddy chips in this industry, because some people buy fake products specially, and most people do not recognize the goods. The profit of fake products is very high.

Same, as a comprehensive, is the kind of platform, many companies in electronic platform to review, just want to move into the company's business license you give some money, I help you to get a brighter what is visible sign, as to how the quality of the goods is completely unable to control the platform, also won't too much to intervene, I can make money,

Baidu love procurement platform, and do hope the information will show your company has a spot mark, platform, through professional third-party testing through to have the logo, but imagine this B2B platform to make money, do the sign at one fell swoop much more than ten thousand twenty thousand dollars income, why don't you do it, is a professional testing institutions, it is impossible to sell every makings of detection

A buyer of electronic components

And some of my company do purchasing platform, like friends and chuanghui company yourself mall, don't have too long time accumulation of customers and not much traffic, take what spell ah, can only be through the accumulation of time transfer bei, do also to do some propaganda, to do one thing very carefully, don't hit his trademark, continue to live on the margins of society, Waiting for the right man to look for treasure.

Say, in any case, is to do their own electronic company boss to buy IC, or work as a chip buyer, must be to learn their own methods, know how to see each different brand chip identification of the key is where, or the passive has been fooled it ~

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