Ten years of electronic components procurement summary!

1. Can not only rely on a few websites in these two websites, you can find, he can also find, so if the channel only rely on such websites, or resources, unless the company has a very strong customer background, quality customer base

2. The secret of good electronic components procurement without too much, is that you can accumulate, constantly develop new resources, not complacent, if a purchasing said I had enough Don't need new channels, everyone will think this is not understandable, because the original factory agents is will change, depending on the original agent is the source of many traders of the crowd

Ten years of electronic components procurement summary

3. Need to go to outside resources development huaqiang north channel, such as the best IC integrity circle will have a lot of non - huaqiang north channel resources, chengdu, wuhan, Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, henan, suzhou and other regions, if you are a good purchasing will be to join such a circle, because of a continuous circle is increasing high quality channel resource, You don't have the time and energy to develop, the people in charge of the circle help you develop, and you just have to use it well.

4. Channel is what we all think we know, but he can get good prices and sources from here, you can't, and there is no! 100 well IC integrity of many members of the purchase case, said that this point, a lot of members from the company that we all know, procurement to a lot of other people can not get the source, or others can not get the price!

5. Do a good electronic components procurement many peers the lack of an ability to the business ability, I can see a small number of the company's procurement can also help the business performance, to develop factory customers, because it will communicate with factory purchasing up to a lot of common topic, because we are doing sourcing, purchasing have purchasing difficulty, who are not difficult! Purchasing and selling are one, the same person, how do you look at it?

6. International purchasing ability is very important. There are not many trading companies with international purchasing ability, so an excellent buyer also needs to have international purchasing ability and can find goods from all over the world

Ten years of electronic components procurement summary

7. Procurement is boiled out, as long as we continue to insist, one day the daughter-in-law boiled into a woman!

Some people say that the company attaches more importance to business, our procurement boss is not how to value, that is because many companies business is running in the front, so a good procurement needs to take the initiative, maybe you can run in the front of the business, this time procurement is certainly more important than business!

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