IFX007TAUMA1_ motor control integrated circuit

It is part of the Industrial and multipurpose MOTIX ™ Single-Half-Bridge Integrated Circuit (Neolithic) ™). The family consists of a P-channel high-side MOSFET and an N-channel low-side MOSFET in a package with an integrated drive IC. The p channel high voltage side switch eliminates the charge pump and minimizes EMI. Interfacing with microcontrollers is facilitated by an integrated drive IC with logic level input, current detection and diagnosis, conversion rate adjustment, dead zone time generation, and protection against overheating, undervoltage, overcurrent, and short circuit. The Mortica Hotel ™ IFX007T provides a cost-optimized solution for protected high-current PWM motor drivers with extremely low board space consumption.

IFX007TAUMA1_ motor control integrated circuitCharacteristics of the

Maximum path resistance at 25°C is 12.8 m ω (typical value at 25°C is 10.0 m ω)
High voltage side: maximum 6.5 m ω at 25°C (typical 5.3 m ω at 25°C)
Low voltage side: maximum 6.3 m ω at 25°C (typical 4.7 m ω at 25°C)
Improve switching speed and reduce switching loss
Can realize high PWM frequency and active free rotation
Switching mode current limiting reduces power consumption during overcurrent
The current limit is 55 amps per minute.
State marker diagnosis with current detection function
Overtemperature shutdown and locking behavior
Undervoltage downtime
A drive circuit with logical level input
Adjustable conversion rate, optimize EMI
Operating voltage up to 40 V
Green products (RoHS compliant)
JESD47I qualified
Potential applications

MOTIX features single Half Bridge Integrated Circuit (Neolithic) ™) IFX007T makes it ideal for industrial and consumer motor drives for automation, home appliances, robotics and medical applications: power tools, small robots, drones, vacuum cleaners, medical motors, hospital beds, 3D printers, fans, pumps and more.

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