L6219_ Stepper motor driver

The L6219 is a bipolar monolithic integrated circuit for controlling and driving two windings of a bipolar stepper motor, or for bi-directional control of two DC motors. The L6219 and some external components constitute the complete control and drive circuit of the LS-TTL or microprocessor-controlled stepper motor system. The power stage is a dual bridge capable of maintaining a voltage of 46 V, including four diodes for current recirculation.

Provides cross conduction protection to avoid simultaneous cross conduction during current direction switching.

Internal pulse width modulation (PWM) controls the output current at 750 mA, with peak start current up to 1 A.

Allows a wide range of current control from 750 mA (per bridge) via two logical inputs and an external voltage reference. The phase input of each bridge determines the direction of the load current. If the chip temperature exceeds the safe operating limit, the thermal protection circuit will disable the output.

L6219_ Stepper motor driverAll functions

Capable of driving two windings of a bipolar stepper motor
The output current of each winding is up to 750 mA
Wide voltage range: 10 v to 46 V
Half step, full step and micro step modes
Built-in protection diode
Internal PWM current control
Low output saturation voltage
Designed for unstable motor supply voltage
Internal thermal shutdown

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