TLE6250G V33_ car transceiver

The HS CAN transceiver TLE6250G V33 is a monolithic integrated circuit,

The HS CAN transceiver series TLE6250 (TLE6250G and TLE6250GV33) is a monolithic integrated circuit that CAN be used either as a bare chip or as a PG-DSO-8 package. Integrated circuits are optimized for high-speed differential mode data transmission in automotive and industrial applications and are compatible with ISO/DIS 11898. In 12 V and 24 V systems, they act as an interface between the CAN protocol controller and the physical differential bus. The IC is based on smart power supply technology SPT®, which allows bipolar and CMOS control circuits to conform to DMOS power supply devices on the same single chip. The TLE6250G is designed to withstand harsh conditions in automotive applications and provide excellent EMC performance.

TLE6250G V33_ car transceiverCharacter description

CAN data transfer rate up to 1 millibar
Receive mode and standby mode only
Suitable for 12 V and 24 V applications
Excellent EMC performance (extremely high immunity and very low emission)
Versions of 5 V and 3.3 V microcontrollers
Bus pin to ground and battery voltage short circuit
Overtemperature protection
Very wide temperature range (-40°C to 150°C)
Green products (RoHS compliant)
AEC qualified
Potential applications

Body and Convenience
Security applications
Power system
Small electric vehicle

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