Teacher Qualification Certificate Structural Interview Six Types and answers ideas

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  1. 1. Self -cognitive category

    The awareness of your personality, three views, life goals and the knowledge of teachers.

    2. Interpersonal communication category

    The main inspection teachers get along with the interpersonal between different groups during the work process, remember that the emotional quotient must be high, not harmful At the same time, others can solve the problem.

    This, as a special occupation, the main objects in the work are mainly three types (students, parents, colleagues)

    3, organizational management

    The first type of planning of the planned organization is generally a specific question type. The common type of question is the class group organization and class culture construction. There are specific answers about this type of question. Candidates can play a little on the answer.

    4, emergency response class

    Themers mainly examine the random strain ability of candidates. Most of the sudden events.

    . If there are students fainting in class, what should you do?

    Emergency response category answers:

    The situation avoids worsening. The topic of emergency response is usually to give some problems that need to be solved. The first step we need to do is to stabilize the situation.

    Secondly, distinguish the priority. Before dealing with things, the priority of a few things should be arranged. The first thing that is solved should be important and eager, followed by important slowness. It is not important again. of. Appeal other students, do not delay the class time of other students.

    This to deal with emergency response classes in this order, the main principle will not make an error.

    again, take corresponding measures. For the priority of things, we take corresponding measures. In teaching activities, some small actions in the course of the class will be made. Teachers can take the way that they do not disturb other students to listen to classes, such as gently to the student to the student. In front of you or ask the student to deal with it.

    Finally, reflection afterwards. After the incident is handled, it is necessary to reflect on itself and analyze the reasons to prevent this situation from happening again. The content of the reflection should be more interesting in the classroom and the participation of teaching activities.

    5, comprehensive analysis category

    comprehensive analysis type questions, whether for social phenomena or for famous saying, can be summarized as the following three steps:

    first, show attitude. Comprehensive analysis topics often ask candidates how to think about a-social phenomenon, or to think for a certain sentence, so candidates need to cover a hat to show their attitude.

    It, clarify the point of view. The perspective of the topic of social phenomena can be clarified by dialectical methods, explaining good and bad aspects, benefits and disadvantages, reasonable, and unreasonable. It can also be used to answer the idea of ​​one reason. The perspective of the topic of famous sayings can be clarified by a dialectical approach to talk about the two aspects of reasonable and unreasonable. It can also explain its educational philosophy of education and teaching theory.

    Finally, make a summary. After clarifying the point of view, in order to ensure the full answer, candidates can make a brief summary at the end. To sum up, you can follow the hats at the beginning, or you can contact yourself, and talk about how you will spur, encourage yourself, and restrain yourself if you are fortunate to go to the podium.

    6. Education and teaching

    can directly use the knowledge theoretical knowledge, and answer according to the specific discipline!

    Can review carefully and achieve excellent results. For more test information, I will continue to pay attention to.

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