3 thoughts on “What should I say when applying for a cosmetic apprentice”

  1. Generally, there will be a question "self -introduction" in interviews. You can answer this. Under the conditions of hard conditions (academic qualifications, gender, age, etc.), there are generally no problems! When introducing yourself, you need to highlight your own strengths, work experience in the same industry, and like this industry.
    Because you are applying for apprentices, you are easy to learn and knowledge, but don't just emphasize "studying well and improving your ability" companies are not schools, but you need to bring profits! So your answer to disclose the information to the interviewer is: you will work hard, and after you have the ability, you can have better and longer development in the company, and achieve your own value under the drive of the company's steps!
    It what should be noted is that the apprentice's salary may not be high. During the interview, neither the treatment is not mentioned, and do not just pursue money! As long as you want to engage in this industry, don't ask too high during the apprentice, always believe: your ability determines your value! So Gao Zhe is not an attitude that a learner should have.
    The information that you disclose to the interviewer when the interview is answered:
    1. Your own love for the industry;
    2. The idea is clear, expressing communication; , Positive, hard work, practical attitude;
    4. Cherish this opportunity and be willing to develop in the industry for a long time;
    The concept of time, dress, etiquette, do not make mistakes! Basically there are not too big problems! good luck! If you are still unconfident, you can search for more interview skills on the Internet and prepare!

  2. Haha, it is mainly to reflect your love for this line; reflect your stability and determination to learn with your heart. Now the beauty industry, especially the beauty salon, needs to absorb talents. The most important thing makes the boss feel reliable and willing to stay long.

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