2 thoughts on “How to make accurate market positioning in pet shops”

  1. 1. The positioning of the consumer group
    The pet shop to market positioning, you must understand who the target consumer group is, what kind of people are the target consumers, and what kind of consumer demand, consumption behavior, and consumer psychology of pets are The relationship between their values ​​and pet shop business. Only the pet store first defines the target consumer group and understands their characteristics and needs, can the pet business and consumer demand be accurately connected, thereby promoting the business of pet stores.
    2, the area address positioning of the pet shop
    Secondly, the pet store will also need to do a good job of store address positioning. When choosing the pet store address, investors should understand which consumer groups are mainly targeted at. Do a good job of consumer positioning, and when choosing a pet store, there is a certain standard. Some bustling commercial streets, near the community, and near the office building are very good site selection. It can bring stable customers to pet shops, and pet shops can also get more profits.

  2. How to accurately industry positioning after pet? Learn these essentials to make you the biggest winner in the industry!
    In the acceleration of the development of socio -economic and urbanization, people's material life has continued to improve, the pace of aging society has accelerated, and objective factors such as the popularity of children's families are prominent. Pets have gradually been favored by people because they have the characteristics of alleviating human stress and not proceeding with humans. People gradually begin to buy daily necessities, food, and clothing for pets, and begin to provide pets with beauty, medical care, domestication, and ending services to design personalized products for pets.
    1. Emotional sustenance
    Pet consumption is essentially an emotional consumption. As the status of pets in people's hearts becomes more and more important, the pet consumption brought by the emotional viscosity between people and pets continues to grow continuously It will become a supporting force that affects the size of the pet industry.
    2. Opening discount
    The opening of new stores generally holds new store opening promotion activities. This is an indispensable channel and means. And how the sales after opening have a great relationship with the early publicity and the promotion of the celebration
    3. Use the old paid
    The source of the source comes from some precise user data with the ability to buy luxury goods.
    4. Sending and sending
    The marketing of living bodies can not change any tricks. It is nothing more than lowering prices. Send cat food and canned food. If you are sure you want to buy a cat, you are very clear about the variety, and you can also know it for the character you want. Then these marketing is just an affiliated to you. Because the most important thing is that cat.
    Since the development, the pet industry has a history of more than 100 years in developed countries. At present, pets related to pets and surroundings have become an independent industry. Open branches and scattered leaves, market segmentation is becoming more and more fine. Specifically, the pet industry refers to all areas related to pets, including pet food, pet medical, pet training, pet breeding, pet products, pet beauty, pet insurance, etc. Pet industry chain

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