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  1. Word of Mout is derived from communication. Because of the widely used marketing, it has word of mouth marketing.
    The traditional word -of -mouth marketing: refers to spreading their own product information or brand through the mutual exchanges between companies and relatives.
    The word -of -mouth marketing: In the case of investigating market demand, enterprises provide consumers with the need for products and services they need, and at the same time formulate a certain word of mouth promotion plan to allow consumers to automatically spread the company's products and services well. Let people understand the products through word of mouth, establish brands, and strengthen market awareness, and ultimately achieve the purpose of selling products and providing services.
    Both of them have one thing in common: the marketing method has a high success rate and strong credibility
    According to the Baya Eight Company survey: Word of mouth marketing is called "viral marketing" by industry insiders, marketing sources Ao Chun The explanation of China is because of its great influence. Many entrepreneurs will find that products have a good reputation and generate greater profit value. In foreign countries, many marketing staff have studied it. The new business of SNS and Weibo will also pack the entire market more complete.
    [Edit this paragraph] Three steps

    The first step of word of mouth marketing -encourage

    Experience the reliability of the product and the superior audience will also spread the texture, raw materials and efficacy to the surrounding friends circle, or tell the product company, merchant 5S system, and thorough service experience. Follow to follow a new product, a pop song or new business.
    . For example, Hesu Media made a blockade for a well -known herbal tea brand, which attracted the attention of netizens on a large scale and effectively improved the brand's attention.
    It, like Procter

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