Is there any communication group in makeup and skin care?

Is there any communication group in makeup and skin care?

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  1. There are many makeup and skin care groups on the Internet, but whether it is reliable, this is not sure. Personally, you recommend that you watch some videos, or you can report some beauty knowledge, you can also report beauty classes, so better. Now that we are talking about makeup and skin care, let's take a look at the relevant knowledge.

    It the step of skin care

    The first step: cleaning the purpose of extinguishing the skin of the skin skin, oil dirt, and dandruff. I don't know the spring self -made moisturizing mask.

    Step 2: Female skin care. Toner can also be called "conditioning". The purpose is to quickly replenish water, deeply clean, and re -make a healthy and good conditioning for the skin to assist follow -up eye cream, essence, lotion, and cream.

    The third step: Eye cream Eye cream is used to protect this layer of skin that is thinner in the eye. It has certain effects on eye bags, dark circles, crow's feet, and other eye -catching topics.

    The 4th step: Essence of Essence is a high -concentration and high -functional nourishing product. It is the best in skin care products. In fact, skin care. Square ingredients, large grades, and significant effects.

    The fifth step: the lotion may be cream emulsion, cream is the most important step in the skin care, the useful ingredients such as moisturizing, whitening, and anti -desert of the emulsion, cream, etc. The skin is intact, so it may be extremely important to have a bottle of your own lotion.

    Step 6: Protecting this is the homework that is only done during the day. The cream, sunscreen, and BB cream can be selected according to their own conditions.

    Step 7: Sleeping mask Wangwen is righteous. This is a laundry -free mask that is only used in the morning. One step.

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