Financial analysis of Bank of Chengdu? Chengdu Bank Stock Bar Communication Group? The latest product of Bank of Chengdu?

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  1. Because the country has gradually shot the financial industry, most shareholders have begun to put their eyes on the banking company. Today, the sisters will evaluate the Bank of Chengdu for all friends.

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    . From the perspective of the company,

    The company Introduction: Chengdu Bank was established in 1996. , Strong background. "

    The company's registered capital is as high as 3.6 billion. There are 13 branches in the country, 31 directly -affiliated branches, and more than 190 business outlets. The main business covers private small and micro, individual/company finance, etc.

    It the following to analyze what is excellent in Chengdu Bank for your friends.

    If advantage 1. The geographical location is unique

    It now that there are people in our country "wealthy", the future development direction is "common prosperity", so the development of the central and western regions will also value it in the future. Essence

    . Bank of Chengdu as a commercial bank has an old -fashioned and facing the western region. It has certain development prospects. For enterprise development, infrastructure, or consumption, banks cannot bypass this ring.

    If advantages 2. Creating characteristic financial service business

    The financial support given by Bank of Chengdu to private and small and micro enterprises cannot be underestimated. New products such as loans and growth loans have been launched and have been developing new models.

    In the continuous exploration of these years, Bank of Chengdu focuses on the financing needs of cultural tourism, information services, media film and television, and constantly make large cultural and creative finance and formulate green finance plans. The financial function zone has been completed.

    In addition to the above highlights, Bank of Chengdu also has many aspects worth praising. The length of the school sister is not much. I want to see more analysis. Report] Bank of Chengdu commented, it is recommended to collect it!

    . From the perspective of the industry

    This my country began to deepen financial reform and prevent and control financial risks as early as 2018, and insisted on the bottom line of no systemic financial risks.

    The closest to our life is the Ant Group's interview, Huayan access credit reporting system, second -hand housing restrictions ... Promote the healthy development of the financial industry.

    but China and the United States still have trade frictions. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the downward pressure on the economy is still very large.

    In comprehensive content, the improvement of financial supervision in my country can promote the healthy development of the banking industry, while Bank of Chengdu rely on a unique geographical location and has very good development potential.

    , but the environment brings a lot of uncertainty. In the future, both opportunities and risks need to be faced. If the stock trading experience is insufficient, don't be too anxious.

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