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  1. Jelly is a kind of western sweets, which is semi -solid -shaped, which is made of megen, sugar, and juice. Also known as gel, the appearance is crystal, the color is bright, and the taste is soft.
    I jelly is a delicious food made of water, white sugar, kara gum, konjac powder, etc., which is made of multi -processes such as solitude, deployment, filling, sterilization, cooling, etc. Carah, also known as the antlers, corner fork gum, is a natural polysaccharide extracted from seaweed such as natural unicorn vegetables. It has the basic characteristics of soluble dietary fiber.
    Monjac is a herbal plant, also known as 蒟蒻, mainly distributed in Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Shaanxi and other places in China, while konjac powder is extracted from deep processing. Sugar is a safe food ingredients approved by my country. At present, the domestic jelly industry does not use bright glue, which can be seen from the ingredients table of jelly packaging.
    , and the proportion of glue powder and other glue powder such as Kara gum, konjac powder is generally about 1%in jelly, accounting for about 5%of the total cost.
    but don't easily believe that it can play a role in calcium supplement. Because jelly contains a large amount of dietary fiber, the digestion of it in the human body is very fast, and the added nutrients will soon lose the body's metabolism, and the supplementary effect is not very good.
    This is composed of partial hydrolyzed collagen. This is a highly protein with high content in animal tissues such as bones and skin. Collagen is a protein that consists of three polypeptide chains to form a spiral structure. In order to make gelatin desserts, if frozen, the collagen and water are mixed with water and heated, destroying the key to fix the three polypeptide chains together.
    With the cooling of the gelatin, these keys will try to form the same structure as before, but now there will be small bubbles in the middle. This makes the gelatin have a semi -solid gel texture.
    Since the gelatin is a protein containing amino amino and alkaline amino, it is used as a gender molecules, which has two characteristics: acidic and alkaline. This allows it to react with different compounds, such as sugar and other food additives. These interactions are multifunctional to play gelatin's role in different foods.
    This can stabilize the foam in foods such as marshmallow, which helps maintain small ice crystals in ice cream, and can even be used as emulsifiers for foods such as concubine sugar and artificial butter.
    although many brillon desserts contain fruits, some fresh fruits contain protein hydrolytic enzymes; these enzymes cut the gelatin molecules into too small and cannot form a solid gel peptide (protein fragment). The use of this fresh fruit in the gelatin formula will cause desserts to never "solidify".
    Specifically, pineapple contains protease (protein cutase) pineapple protease, kiwi contains kiwiin, figs contain flowers -free conjectin, and papaya contains papaya protease. Cooking or canned can make protease degeneration and loss. For example, canned pineapple is very effective in gelatin desserts.
    The above content refers to Baidu Encyclopedia-Jelly

  2. Jelly is a kind of western sweets, which is semi -solid -shaped, which is made of megen, sugar, and juice. Also known as gel, the appearance is crystal, the color is bright, and the taste is soft.
    This Mango Jelly:
    Main material: 180 grams of mango, 300 grams of pure water, 45 grams of sugar.
    Sudibular: 40 grams of pure water, 10 grams of Geely Ding powder.


    1, preparation materials: cut mango into Ding of the size, Geely Ding powder is dissolved with 40 grams of pure water.
    2. Put pure water and sugar in a basin and heat it on a small heat on the gas stove.
    3, stir while heating, stir until the sugar is fully dissolved, turn off the heat, and pour the dissolved Geely Ding solution when the water is hot.
    4. Stir the Geely Ding solution evenly.
    5, pour into the mango diced and stir well.

    6, packaged in a container of different shapes you like, put it in the refrigerator refrigerated room for more than 4 hours until it solidifies.
    7, you can eat it after refrigerating.
    8, finished picture.
    9, display diagram.

  3. The jelly was invented by Pate Curob.
    As early as Europe in the 15th century, people have begun to eat jelly. At that time, the jelly was available in some high -end restaurants. Early jelly ingredients were mainly collagen, which were obtained through the bones of the animals, or cooked pig ears and trotters.
    of course, this processing method obviously requires a lot of time. Generally, it takes several hours, and the cost of manpower and material resources is high. But maybe, this is also one of the reasons for it to become high -end food.

    Later, in the 19th century, jelly crossed the Atlantic Ocean and entered the upper society in the United States. A simpler and efficient method to make jelly.
    So people spared no effort to invent various jelly practices. Soon, a man named Pete Cooper invented an industrial gelatin powder.
    This method is simple and rude, that is, the gel that has been dried after the machine is grinded into powder. When used, you only need to add water.
    , Cooper just wanted to develop his industrial glue, and did not put industrial gelatin powder in his heart.

    In later, a couple who sold cough syrup in Le Roy, New York City -Perl Witt and his wife Mei, after discovering that the demand for cough syrup is increasing, it is ready to start "entering" the catering industry.
    So they spent some money to buy the patent of the Cooper Industrial Gel Powder and began to make various attempts.
    did they add a variety of sugar water to the gelatin and find the people around them to try it. Unexpectedly, it was really recognized by many people.
    So they gave this food a name, and jel-o was born in this way.

  4. Jelly, also known as gel: is the transliteration of English Jelatine or Jelly, and also translates into discipline, auspiciousness, also known as gelatin or fish glue. There are two types of plant types and animal types. The plant type is a colorless and tasteless edible glue powder made of natural seaweed extraction. Or pale yellow translucent particles, thin slices or powder. It is mostly used for fresh -keeping, decoration and jelly sweets.

  5. Jelly is a kind of western sweets, which is semi -solid -shaped, which is made of megen, sugar, and juice. In addition, jelly can also refer to: Tsinghua University campus band "Jelly Band", women's dress "jelly makeup", Zhang Dongliang's fans said.

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