5 thoughts on “What is the employment prospect of the photovoltaic industry?”

  1. The front -end time of the photovoltaic industry is hot, and it is mainly that the government subsidy is too attractive
    . As long as it is built, the subsidy can survive the company.
    but considering the environment, light energy is an inexhaustible clean energy source.
    In future technical breakthroughs, then it may be the energy that humans live in the survival
    . Only light energy can be used in space.

  2. The prospect of the photovoltaic industry depends on whether the domestic photovoltaic industry can independently develop key components of photovoltaic. If the main components are imported as they are now, there are no prospects. Foreigners say that you will abolish you if you waste it. If you have independent research and development capabilities and the boss has the desire to innovate, it is very promising. After all, my country's photovoltaic industry has just started, and the development of the above key components is a good prospect

  3. Not ordinary!
    The photovoltaic industry, as an emerging industry, has blossomed everywhere in my country. The lack of talents is an important factor in restricting the development of the enterprise. Especially the development and application technology of photovoltaic products, it is still a bottleneck in my country and requires a lot of talents!
    , and it should not be saturated in a short time. Because the prospect is very good! However, no matter whether the polycrystalline silicon or the film are processed, there are not many professional photovoltaic professional and technical talents who really use it!

  4. OK
    I is known as a new energy that is most likely to replace conventional energy or renewable.
    If the film does not go up and the cost will not come down, you can only follow the professional market, and the market capacity may be affected.
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    In (21SPV photovoltaic community) to see it! The community has a special market analysis column

  5. The future is bright, and the road is tortuous! It's winter now!
    The factories are facing closure, but the development of its industry is still optimistic. The recent nuclear energy crisis has also promoted the development of photovoltaic from the side.

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