L6574_ CFL/TL ballast drivers that support preheating and dimming

To ensure rated voltage over 600V, the L6574 is manufactured with BCD off-line technology, which makes it ideal for lamp ballast applications. The device is designed to drive two power MOSFets using a classic half-bridge topology that ensures all the functions required to drive and properly control fluorescent bulbs.

The L6574 has a dedicated timing section where the user can set the necessary parameters for proper warm-up and ignition.

In addition, an operational amplifier is provided for closed-loop control of lamp current during normal lamp burning.

The integrated bootstrap part eliminates bootstrap diodes and zener clamps typically required on Vs, making the L6574 ideal for low-cost applications where few additional components are required to build high-performance ballasts.

L6574_ CFL/TL ballast drivers that support preheating and dimmingAll functions

High precision current control oscillator
Sensing operational amplifiers for closed loop control or protection functions
Integrated bootstrap diode
SO16, DIP 16 packs
Under-voltage lockout
CMOS off input
High pressure rail up to 600V
Driver current capability: 250 mA power supply 450 mA receiver \t
The dV/ DT immunity is ±50 V/ns over the whole temperature range
The load of 1 nf
Preheating and frequency shift timing
Switching time 80/40ns up/down

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