The process of making electronic chips

Electronic chips are now as important to electronic products as the human brain. At the same time, many people have more questions about chips, such as what is the manufacturing process of electronic chips? Today, xiaobian will share with you:

There are four steps to make a chip, which are silicon purification, chip photolithography, chip etching and sealing test, packaging.

First, let's start with the purification of silicon, which is actually made from ordinary sand. The content of silicon element in sand is generally about 32%-42%, so the sand should be purified to silicon with a purity of 99.999999%. After purification, a series of production processes will be carried out to form silicon wafer chips, providing important basic raw materials for subsequent chip manufacturing.

The process of making electronic chips

The second step is chip photolithography, which mainly requires the use of photolithography equipment to put the prepared silicon wafers into the furnace, and form a uniform oxide film on the surface of the silicon wafers, and coated with photoresist. In this process, the precision of the lithography machine directly determines the processing of the chip.

The third step is to chip etching, after a lithography machine "mask", has been formed circuit diagram of silicon wafers need after etching machine projection diagram corrosion away to reveal a silicon substrate, at this point, the circuit diagram of the silicon wafer page no longer smooth, but the pitting circuit diagram, in the end, the plasma into the pit, make these transistors connected, we need on silicon wafers coated silicon wafer, The copper is then cut into thin lines by grinding, photolithography and etching to form a complete circuit diagram.

The last step of chip sealing and testing is encapsulated. Because the finished chips need to be cut at the end, all chips need to be packaged before testing. Before, China's level in the field of sealing and testing is also at a relatively high level.

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