What are the causes of aging of electronic components?

(1) Fatigue problem of thermal cycle stress caused by different thermal expansion coefficient of materials in welding site. (2) Thermal migration, that is, metal atoms move against the temperature gradient. Causes a certain degree of component segregation of the solder. (3) Electromigration, cavity may be formed at the cathode and hillock may be accumulated at […]

Are electronic components suitable for e-commerce? What's the best way to do it?

Electronic components are very suitable for e-commerce and have become very popular. But more is limited to the sample/small batch stage. It is aimed at the procurement of research and development prototype stage and the project of schools or research institutions. Advantage 1 components are standard products Logistics is very convenient and the cost is […]

Is there a future in purchasing electronic components?

In general, procurement usually involves the following: 1. Supplier development: according to the demand of the company to find the other material supplier, it need to be familiar with the inside of the related materials industry manufacturers, each material manufacturer quality condition, material of real-time market and market in the coming months, the materials delivery […]