Why is the punch of stamping die easy to break?

In addition to the punch material and the design of the punch itself, what are the causes of punch fracture?

1. The punch hardness is too high, the punch material is not right ---- replace the punch material, adjust the heat treatment hardness.

2. Improper material positioning, resulting in punching punch cutting side, due to uneven force breakage ---- adjust positioning or feeding device.

3.Deep Draw Stamping material does not meet the requirements, resulting in bad angle, resulting in size deviation ---- material change or readjust the gap.

4. The fixed part of the punch (splint) and the guide part (plate) offset ---- repair or re-line cut into the block to make the punch up and down smoothly.

5. The punch is not fixed well, and moves up and down ---- to re-fix the punch so that it can not move up and down.

6. The punch edge is not sharp ---- Regrind the edge.

b64890a8d5403d22dc4fbe50a26eff527. The closing height is too low and the cutting edge of the punch is too long ---- Adjust the closing height to make the cutting edge of the punch a suitable length.

8. The mold is not adjusted in place, resulting in Angle error and size deviation ----. The closing height or angle difference is poor.

9. Lower die waste plug the knife edge, resulting in punch break ---- re-drill large blanking hole, so that blanking smoothly.

10. Forming public without R Angle, in Angle and other normal circumstances ---- forming public repair R Angle.

11 folding knife height is not enough, bending punch into the folding knife is too short ---- increase the height of the folding knife, resulting in a bad angle, so that the bending head as far as possible into the folding knife part.

12. Bending speed is too fast, resulting in bending root deformation ---- Adjust speed ratio control, choose a reasonable speed.

13. The structure is not reasonable, the jackknife is not inserted into the fixed template when stamping, causing the gap to become larger ---- re-milling groove, insert the jackknife into the template.

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