How to write a summary of equipment maintenance?

Summary, or should it be divided into many kinds, such as the year-end summary for superiors? Daily summary for internal use? ​To be more familiar with the business of their own people, or to the customer to see ~ of course, no matter which kind of summary, write these aspects about the same ~

1, what are the equipment, what is used for, what is particularly important, what may cause a problem, the main operating indicators

How to write a summary of equipment maintenance?

2, what kind of maintenance requirements, operation content, various basis ~ specified maintenance operation plan

3. Maintained team and working hours, team changes, training, assessment and inspection

4. Information such as The Times of various maintenance operations in the time period to be summarized, including daily maintenance, daily maintenance, consumables replacement, overhaul, upgrade and adjustment

5. Handling of accidents and failures, analysis of causes and improvement measures

6. Demand and suggestions for spare parts, personnel promotion and equipment technical transformation. Future work plan and direction for improvement

7. Future prospects and resolutions

Are lazy to this degree, what you think of what to write, and not allow you to write a paper, why do so prescriptive, for his work in contact with the machine, the machine structure, function, maintenance, maintenance, the system to elaborate several aspects, that is very hard to understand you know the machine, also have certain skills, If you just want to write a heavy machinery service manual, just like the car repair, list the operation steps, how to dismantle, how to check the abnormality, where to maintain, and then how to assemble back, the specific operation requirements.

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