It's a tiny chip. It's got a lot of power

In people's eyes, chip is just a small part, and there is nothing special, but he can not be. So what exactly is a chip? Today xiaobian sorted out to share with you, let's have a look.

Chips are packed with billions or even billions of transistors, mainly for processing binary digital signals.

It's a tiny chip. It's got a lot of powerThe main function of the chip is to complete the operation and processing tasks. The chip refers to the silicon chip containing integrated circuits. The chip is as flexible as the human brain, which can manufacture the circuit on the surface of the semiconductor chip for operation and processing and output specific instructions and data.

For example, the binary digital signal generated by my typing on the keyboard is converted by the chip into binary digits that can be read by the computer monitor. So it's a central nervous function.

Widely used in computers, mobile phones, home appliances, cars, high-speed rail, power grid, medical instruments, robots, industrial control and other electronic products and systems, chips are everywhere in our life.

The chip will generate a starting command to transmit signals and data after the power is energized. It can also make household appliances intelligent, which is the core cornerstone of high-end manufacturing industry.

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