1 thought on “How to view more and more scenic spots to build glass bridges?”

  1. For more and more scenic spots to build glass bridges, I treat it like this: the selling point of their respective attractions is their own characteristics, and it is not advisable to build glass bridges. Visitors do not travel because of the glass bridge with glass bridges, but because of the attraction of the attractions itself, the scenic area sets up landscapes. The reasons are as follows:

    . The new special attractions are based on their own natural landscapes. If there is no basic landscape that attracts tourists, build a glass bridge purely. Human and material resources, and tourists will not buy it. Since ancient times, there are no glass bridges, and tourists have also rushed. Hengshan Hengshan, Taishan, Huangshan, was weaved in the dynasty. West Lake Taihu Dongting Lake tourists lingered back and had never seen any glass bridge.

    . The construction of the glass bridge is a supplement to insufficient viewpoints or attractions in the scenic area. It is not a pure hunting thriller. Some attractions themselves are very common. They just build a glass bridge on the mountainside or the top of the mountain. In fact, there is no look at it. Some even built two or three meters and embedded a few pieces of glass. It was declared that there was a glass bridge to attract tourists. It's a bit boring. What's more, the ground is flat, the scenic area is only flowers and plants, and it also consumes a lot of financial resources to build a glass bridge to make a great momentum.

    . In general, some scenic spots themselves built a glass bridge itself, which can highlight the beauty of the scenic area. Dong Shi effect.

    In recent years, many scenic spots in the country have launched the glass bridge project. The first explosive glass bridge in China traces the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic Area, and has quickly spread across the country, becoming the "Internet Red Glass Bridge".

    The reason for explosive fires I think there are two points: full transparency, which brings tourists more thrilling and stimulating; overrouts, the eyes can enjoy the beauty of the surroundings, so it attracts the country and even the world. Tourists from various places come to experience the charm of the glass bridge.

    The safety problems that have occurred in the glass bridge project in recent years. Because it is a mountain -shaped scenic area, and construction may make a certain change in the mountains. The huge safety hazards, more and more tourists, staff, and cleaners have safety accidents. The public opinion that stops the glass bridge has also risen, which has led to the closure of glass bridges in various places. It is a family.

    The glass bridge projects across the country will continue to increase. In the future, there will be hidden dangers of glass bridges such as falling stone and glass aging, which will bring uncertainty to the glass bridge project. More and more glass bridge construction will also surge in some engineering quality problems, which increases the hidden dangers of the project.

    The on, the accident stems from the curiosity and pursuit of fresh things, and the safety of safety comes from careful judgment and cautious behavior. Don't affect others, public, and social security because of personal pursuit. Stimulating sincerity, life price is higher.

    Hi everyone, I am the young king of the Linyi tourist circle. I have experienced the phenomenon of more and more scenic spots to build glass bridges. Judging from the experience of leading groups in recent years, many natural scenic spots have launched the glass bridge project.
    The glass attractions in the scenic area are frequent, and the natural scenery seems a bit incompatible with
    glass products as industrial products, bringing a lot of convenience to people's production and life. Such as glass, glass curtain wall, car windshield and so on. However, when the scenic spots famous for natural landscapes are installed, glass bridges, glass planks, and glass sliders are installed in order to obtain short -term returns. It not only destroys the original beauty of the scenic area, but also causes a certain damage to the environment of the scenic area. Therefore, when introducing glass attractions, the scenic spot must be fully evaluated to analyze the degree of integration with the native environment, and whether the damage generated by the installation is proportional to the income.
    The installation of the glass bridge has lost fairness for some special groups
    The main purpose of installing glass bridges in the scenic area is to find new, different, and even follow the trend. The characteristics of the glass bridge determine that they have certain guts for experiencers. Because tens of meters, hundreds of meters of high -altitude transparent glass bridge are still very exciting. For some young people who like to challenge themselves and seek excitement. They certainly got a pleasure. However, if the glass bridge is built on the road to visit the scenic area, it is proper and unfair for some elderly people and tourists with less guts.
    The scenic area cannot blindly follow the wind to highlight the glass bridge. It should highlight its own advantages. For example, the Taishan Scenic Area is known for its "male", and it will be the top of the top, and the mountains are small; Huangshan is known for its "strange". If these scenic spots do not highlight their own advantages, they will go to the glass bridge and glass boardwalks, and it seems a bit unscrupulous. New scenic spots or ornamental scenic spots can build glass observation platforms or observation boardwalks according to the positioning of their own scenic spots. For example, a scenic area mainly viewed by flowers, building a glass bridge can watch 10,000 acres of flowers, but also increase the characteristics of the scenic area.

    In short, the glass bridge, as an emerging tourist attraction, still has a certain effect on enhancing the attraction of the scenic area. However, when the scenic area is introduced, it must be positioned according to its own scenic spot, and you cannot follow the trend blindly. To do the finishing touch, do not learn from Handan.

    The glass bridge on the bees of bees is no longer unique, and this landscape has a certain unsafe factors, and it has increased unsafe more.

    I I feel good for tourists and scenic spots.
    First of all, the glass bridge gives people the opportunity to challenge themselves
    The stimulus and challenges that the glass bridge brings to people, it is difficult to experience it in daily life. And it is not like bungee jumping, beyond the courage of many people challenged.

    many years ago, I heard that a glass bridge was built in a certain scenic spot. It was very fun and exciting. Tourists were endless, but because the distance was too far, there was no way to experience it.

    But later some of the scenic spots around him also built glass bridges, which is also very popular. You don't have to envy others anymore, you can experience it yourself, and the experience is indeed unforgettable.

    The people are afraid of high. Even if the glass bridge test is safe, it can be put into use, but many people are still soft. After speaking and accompanying the bridge, the heart must be mixed with tension, excitement, and excitement.

    This experience is not close to individuals, also collectively, is definitely the collective entertainment of all passengers.

    The everyone to challenge the glass bridges from various places, not only a challenge to themselves, but also to enjoy the beauty from another perspective -the perspective of drones.
    Secondly, the scenic area has attracted passenger flow
    Due to the love of tourists, many scenic spots have followed the glass bridge, which also makes many people who are not convenient to go out of the door. Essence

    The glass bridge is also formal, including bridge -type glass bridges, boardwalk -type glass bridges, and suspended platform -type glass bridges. Only differentiated can it develop well in the future.
    Third, time test
    Over time, no matter whether so many glass bridges can survive, at least it makes many tourists have a choice when playing Unforgettable experience and joy.

    The structure of the scenic area is mostly the same. We have several glass bridges. It feels the same. Come to the construction of more scenic spots and promote it as an online celebrity product. I think the reason is that the following:

    1. Low threshold, high safety factor, old people and children can play; R n 2. The overall project has been very mature, and the installation and construction have no obstacles;

    3. For many old scenic spots, you can quickly go to the horse without need to do too much surgery;

    4. It can indeed attract some surrounding tourists in the short term, and the effect on the scene is good;

    5. Cost controlled acceptance;
    More and more, the attractiveness has gradually declined. The first person to eat crabs makes money. In fact, more can only increase the number of tourists in the short term. As a long -term, it is a bit of the ribs;

    In fact, such projects like this, various scenic spots have similar experiences. A certain project is good. Everyone is robbing up.

    The popularity has gradually declined, and some of the investments have been confiscated. No one has been asked. Here, I summarized the characteristics of the following update iteration products. The effective life of the product is the return on investment, and it can also consider whether to perform 2.0 and 3.0 iteration at the same time, so as to give the product a certain vitality;

    The needs of the customer base, and then design and develop according to the needs;

    3. Light operation products are better than heavy operations, that is, special activities, services, and more cost -effectiveness than coming to hundreds of thousands of millions of hardware;

    4. The cultural and characteristics of the scenic area must be dug in the scenic area, and developed on this basis;

    5. Highlight the core of cultural and creative cores to enhance the single person of each user entering the park to enter the park. Consumer power; for example, whether you can develop some souvenirs, souvenirs, let users go back empty -handed;

    6. Finally, it is also my recent feelings. Everywhere, transportation, transportation, and transportation, let professional people do professional things, otherwise, cars behind closed doors will be done!

    I I feel that there are more and more glass bridges now because of the characteristics of various places in various places. Some places may imitate other places. It may not be able to make money. Some places have built early and earned money early. In short, whether it is traveling or other, we must have their own characteristics and specialties. In a word, everyone is to make money. Everything is fake.

    Min people do not oppose the building of glass bridges and boardwalks, adding some excitement to the tourist attraction. However, opposed to blindly following the trend for the purpose of profit, huge sums of money to send expectations to bring popularity. It is hoped that investors in scenic spots will work hard to create their own scenic characteristics and differentiated competition. They can only use the glass bridge as embellishment, carefully consider the appropriateness and return, so that the entire scenic area will be different.

    It certain point: China's tempered glass is really good!

    The scenic area now likes to follow the trend. Where there is this characteristic, it will soon start to imitate other scenic spots. Everyone just started to feel fresh and walked much. It feels the same. It has lost its beauty!

    I I think each attraction should combine the local customs and unique structures. People who travel are a nostalgic natural beauty, not a high -tech freshness. The beauty of the scenic area itself!

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