1 thought on “For the takeaway industry in O2O model, more and more people rely on takeaway”

  1. O2O takeaway is the demand for more subdivision of value under the trend of the catering industry. O2O takeaway includes three contents: information channels, payment channels and logistics channels. O2O, as a channel, for consumers, they can gather on a screen and choose the surrounding catering shops, which greatly improves the diversity of small crickets and choices. For merchants, they are not visible. Consumers who are not seen can see the information of merchants and products on a screen to provide the exposure of the merchant. Users can choose their favorite dishes on the takeaway platform through the mobile phone. After paying through the online payment model, they can wait for the meal to go to the door to save a lot of time for buying food and cooking. It is very suitable for the development of contemporary society. For the back -end O2O of the catering. The project contains business chains, mainly including platform models and self -employment models.

    The characteristics of takeaway O2O. According to the data:

    The size of the catering market in 2021 will reach more than 400 million, which is enough to show that the catering market is huge. These data show the prospect of the domestic catering market. With the deepening of the Internet era, the market size of catering O2O will continue to expand. Looking at the surrounding life, more and more students and rental rent have begun to be separated from takeaway. Takeaway has become an indispensable part of their catering life.

    The factors have gradually enhanced their dependence on takeaway:

    1. The convenient convenience of takeaway is irreplaceable. Convenience is the reason why many consumers choose takeaway delivery. You just need to lightly click on your mobile phone to wait for the food to come to the door, which is very convenient. The current takeaway O2O platform continues to collect consumers' catering habits and place for meals, and analyze big data. The calculation results can best match the two. Essence

    2. [Consumer's psychological needs. Data show that the takeaway consumer group has spread from the student group to the daily daily meals of office workers and even some families. This just shows that because of the social attributes of consumers' otaku, the explosive expansion of O2O takeaway industry has become possible. Essence

    3. Adapt to personalized needs. The individual needs of some O2O takeaway are constantly emerging. For customers with special needs, such as the disease number, the elderly, or some special projects that need to dinner at home, with the gradual intensification of market competition, it will give birth to personalized takeaway distribution to become a competitive point for each takeaway platform to establish a characteristic image.

    It is like the emergence of He Shi for takeaway. It has become a beautiful landscape in the takeaway market in the form of intuitive shopping, specialized groups, and blind boxes. Even if new takeaway platforms are constantly emerging, He Shi takeaway still has its own operating model to attract consumers.

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