1 thought on “Is there a better glass partition company recommended?”

  1. Luban Wall, Guangzhou Dalai partition, Guangzhou Melm Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., Shanghai Youhe, Shanghai Yoge Co., Ltd., Shengge Division Co., Ltd., Ningboster Building Material Technology Co., Ltd. The glass partition walls of the company, Kuanming Furniture and other companies are better.
    I. Luban Wall is the earliest domestic integration design, product research and development, production, processing, sales and engineering supporting group.
    . Guangzhou Melm Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. has a variety of partition production factories and products operated by itself. Self -independent intellectual property rights.
    . Shanghai Youhe is one of the market partition brands in the market. It has earlier employment, and the early publicity is better. In the Shanghai market brand, the brand is well aware. The system integration of office furniture and materials provides an overall solution for the office environment and interior design.
    . Obas Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in developing and producing indoor partition walls. It started to get involved in the partition wall production in 1999. As a mainland enterprise in 2004, it was the first to launch the finished product of steel and aluminum structure. The wall system also applied for nearly 20 practical new types and appearance patents.
    5. Kuanming Furniture Co., Ltd. is a well -known manufacturer of China's partition industry. It is dedicated to the production, design and construction of partition walls, high compartments, and office glass compartments to provide various perfect for enterprises and institutions. Office space solution.

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