1 thought on “To travel to Shenzhen, which is the best to eat in Shenzhen's roasted goose shop?”

  1. I also love to eat roast goose. I summarized the three -storey street shop recommended in the roast goose shop I have eaten.

    The first is the well -known shop "Huaxiang Goose" in Shenzhen. Basically, Shenzhen people who love to eat roast waist know this roast shop in Huaqiangbei, Futian District. Small, but every day is full, and there are many takeaways. Every time I go to Huaqiangbei when I go to Huaqiangbei, I will eat it. It ’s really white. This shop tastes worthy of its fame.

    The roast shop called "Goose Best" in Haide Erdao, Nanshan District. It is also very famous in the area of ​​Nanshan. not bad. And the business is really good to be sold at about 7 o'clock every night! You really can't eat it late.

    Net and a roasted goose shop is relatively far. This shop is in Guangming District, called "Zhenzhen Roast Shop" near the Guangming Guest House. When I went to eat it for the first time, I thought it should be the same, but after eating it, I felt that I could row the top three in the N roasting shops I had eaten! The sauces between their goose and rice are really a must.

    This of the fat girls of Cuizhu Road, the feelings of old Shenzhen people! Intersection

    Huaqiangbei is getting worse and worse. And there will be unstable production quality.

    The Foton Roast Store in the East Gate

    How can roast goose without the Datong roast goose in the back of Meilin River. Personally, I think this is the best roast goose in Shenzhen.

    The professional duck and goose for 20 years. The barbecued pork is very delicious! Recommend everyone to have a chance to try. I have eaten it when I was a kid. Although I have already moved away, I occasionally drove and packed home to add vegetables.

    The village, Xinqiangji

    Chen Pengpeng's Chen Peng Peng Goose Periods

    The first room of Huafa Road, which is two or three hundred The roast goose around the rice is best to eat

    I personally think that the best roast goose is the best, welcome everyone to compare

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