What about Wuhan Dongfeng Honda Motor Manufacturers? What questions will they ask if they recruit?

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  1. The salary is 4000-8000, and the average annual award is 16,900 yuan. The question asked is generally the basic issue in automobile manufacturing.
    Wuhan Dongfeng Honda Motor Co., Ltd. salary. According to statistics, the average salary of Wuhan Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. is 8495 yuan/month, of which 28%of the salary income is located at 4000-6000 yuan/month, and 28%of the salary income It is located at 6000-8000 yuan/month. According to analysis data, the average annual award of Wuhan Dongfeng Honda Motor Co., Ltd. was 16,900 yuan.
    The questions asked, generally ask you why you want to come here, your own advantages, understanding of the automobile manufacturing industry, some problems in automobiles, and so on.
    The auto industry interview skills:
    1, give the interviewer a persuasive reasons for admission:
    M n before the interview, you must think of why the automotive industry must be selected. And combined with the actual and your career plan, to give the interviewer a reasonable reason to enter the car industry.
    This reminder: It can be said that he has great interest in the automotive industry. But you can't always take this as the center, you must combine your actual situation and your analysis of the automotive industry.
    2, the self -introduction does not exceed 2 minutes:
    "Please introduce yourself". More than 90%of the employer will ask, and the interviewer is best to write in the form of text. In fact, the basic situation of the interviewer has mastered the employer. The purpose of this question is to evaluate the interviewer's language expression ability, logical ability, and integrity.
    Therefore, the interviewer should be consistent with the personal resume of the self -introduction. Try to use spoken language as much as possible in the expression method. Pay attention to the content of simple content, the key to the middle, do not talk about it, the use of uselessness, the order must be clear, the level must be clear, the level must be clear. Essence Self -introduction cannot exceed 2 minutes, it is best to grasp about 1 minute.
    3, talk about "disadvantages":
    Is when the interviewer asked your shortcomings, you cannot say that you have no shortcomings, and you cannot tell those obvious advantages as a disadvantage, but you cannot choose a serious impact. The disadvantages of the application, or the disadvantages that are unreasonable and uncomfortable. It can be said that some disadvantages of "irrelevant" the application for the application are even the disadvantages of the surface, but from the perspective of work, it is the disadvantage of advantages.
    4, do not attack the company, former supervisor, etc.:
    The interviewers will ask your former company, former supervisor or other situations. The company you interview now also has the opportunity to become your "past" company, so when talking about the past work, try to face it with a relaxed attitude. The tone and attitude of attack cannot be appeared.
    5, try to avoid the treatment problem:
    The examiner asked, "Why do you choose our company?" When you try to understand the motivation, desire, and attitude towards the work of the interviewer from this question. Don't say that too much treatment is good, you can say "I am very optimistic about the industry where your company is located. I think your company attaches great importance to talents, and this job is very suitable for me. I believe I can do it well."

  2. For the company's image, the personnel who recruits is too cheating. Essence Essence
    The questions about the words of social recruitment will be largely related to the post, and it is recommended to prepare.
    It do not show the appearance of rushing to go, otherwise they will not cherish you (but it seems that it will no longer care about the specific candidates). Even if they want you, you don't necessarily go, the right thing is the best. It is important to keep the job seeker.

  3. I signed Dongfeng Honda this year. The recruitment scores, written tests, one side, two sides, on the other, as long as Introduce myself, understand and understand the work and company's views, and their own advantages and disadvantages. Communicate with each other, and at the same time, the examiner will also judge whether it is hired based on your performance

  4. My brother is here to tell you ... I have done more than 7 years in Dongfeng Honda .. Overall .. Now it is much stronger than the original .. If you interview the production line .. There is no requirement. Other offices in the interview .. I need to be an undergraduate .. Don't think about it unless you have a relationship .. The undergraduate I said is the kind of full -time ... not self -study. So many .. I ca n’t eat and be hungry ... I can still break my career .. I want to break into a career .. I advise you to do n’t come ... See what you think.!

  5. The Da on the upstairs is very detailed. It is recommended that the landlord can prepare well, and then you can hand in the position of Dongben. You can publish a lot of positions on it.

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