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  1. The hotel industry is the forefront of China's reform and opening up. In the 1980s, the beginning of the reform and opening up, the hotel industry ushered in Guangzhou's White Swan, China Hotel, Great Wall Hotel in Beijing, under the policy of reform and opening up. The economy has been singing all the way, and the frequent business activities have created the hotel industry for so many years. In fact, the rapid development of more than 30 years has covered many problems and contradictions in the industry, and the hotel industry is already chaotic.
    1. The rapid expansion of the industry has created a group of so -called general manager of the so -called hotel 20 or 30 years old. It lacks the precipitation of the years, the seedlings are pushed up, and the serious lack of hotel professionals; system. Most of them are aware of a half -understanding, but they only know what it is. The same way of management methods with different positions, it is difficult to form a joint force.
    . The urbanization has achieved the rapid development of the real estate industry. In addition to the government's face project, there are horrible five -star and super five -star hotels in first -tier cities, and even the flooding and vicious competition of four or five -star hotels in second- and third -tier cities Frequent it; but the market does not have so many needs. In addition to the luxurious and expensive equipment, these so -called five -stars cannot find the shadow of one -five -star service.
    . The lack of industry policy regulations has created the disorderly development of the hotel industry, which has also created the flood of foreign brand hotel management companies. Many unfair overlord treaties have emerged. Linking with the turnover, regardless of the life and death of the hotel, as long as there is a turnover, I will take 5-7%of them. What is even more ridiculous is that the future major strategy of a foreign brand is adjusted to "light asset heavy management". It is no such business. The so -called appointment of salary is also issued by the hotel owner. The members sent to the introduction fee will be charged. To pay, the profit and loss of the hotel party, 5-7%of the turnover agreed in the contract is not wrong.
    In the end of 2012 "National Eight" (including: light car simplified, uneasily arranging the masses to welcome the delivery, not laying welcome carpets, strict control of visiting accompanying personnel, etc.) The problem is even more highlighted, and the above contradictions have been intensified, and the death of some hotel industries has also accelerated. The scenery of more than 30 years is no longer. The national wind is low -key and honest. High -end catering, senior clubs, and star hotels in various places are "full of sorrow".
    Swood 1 — Capital Beijing
    In the end of last year, the National Tourism Administration released the "Statistics of Star Hotels in the Third quarter of 2013" showing that in the third quarter, the operating income of 591 star hotels in Beijing in the third quarter House prices decreased by 2.12%year -on -year; the average leasing rate decreased by 2.64%year -on -year; the revenue of each rental houses decreased by 4.71%year -on -year; the average operating income of each rooms decreased by 9.91%year -on -year, which was 5.97%year -on -year. Relevant departments such as the central government have requested that the "national eight" that strictly check the public funds to eat and drink on the high -star hotel industry will continue.
    Swood 2 — Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province
    In October last year, some industry surveys were specially conducted. All of them have been reduced, and many of the hotel orders are reduced by more than 20 %. What's more, the banquet orders of individual star hotel meetings have fallen by 50 %. The relevant person in charge of the five -star hotel in Hangzhou City -World Trade Junlan Hotel said that due to the influence of the "eight regulations", the 2013 World Trade Junlan Hotel Conference and banquet operations appeared to a certain proportion compared to the same period in 2012. decline. Especially in February, banquet revenue declined significantly. Earlier, the reception volume of government conference banquets accounted for about 10%of the total number of hotel receptions. Today, in the 2014 banquet revenue, such banquets accounted for less than 3%. The decrease in the number of government conferences is the direct cause of the number of banquets at hotel conferences.
    Swood 3 -high -end catering closure tide
    Quanjude's transformation is still on the road: according to the 2013 annual report of Quan Jide, during the reporting period, the company achieved operating income of 1.9 billion yuan, a year -on -year decrease of 2.13%; catering enterprise companies; catering companies Revenue decreased by 5.64%year -on -year, and the food industry revenue increased by 9.57%year -on -year. Realizing net profit of 110 million yuan, a year -on -year decrease of 27.62%. The reception guests were 7.3055 million, a year -on -year decrease of 3.44%, the per capita consumption decreased by 2.22%year -on -year, and the upper seat rate decreased by 4.14%year -on -year.
    It is not difficult to see from the above data, the relevant financial indicators of Quanjude maintained a consistent rhythm in 2013, which is a decline. The year -on -year decline in the seating rate is a fatal blow for catering companies. Regarding the performance of Quan Jide, Wang Zhiqiang also acknowledged to shareholders that there is a problem of large consumption reduction in the catering business, and there is a significant reduction in large group purchase in food business. In the active transformation, the company includes introducing strategic investors and brand managers.
    The prototype of the transformation of Xiang and Hubei: According to the 2013 annual report of Hunan and Hubei conditions, during the reporting period, the company realized operating income of 802 million yuan, net profit loss of 564 million yuan, and the basic income per share was -0.71 yuan. Regarding performance, Hunan and Hubei said that the main reason for losses was that the operating environment changed, and the consumption of guests declined sharply. According to the company's annual report, in order to cope with the changes in the environment, the Hunan and Hubei feelings decisively take off their self -rescue methods to turn off the non -profit storefront. In addition to closing 13 losses, Hunan and Hubei also transformed into the popular market in the main business of catering.
    Pou Jiangnan is more direct: Sell!
    The catering in the hotel has almost no low -end. It was originally competitive but the prospect of the social dining is even more worrying.
    Serieved 4 — High -end hotels are also closed now
    The landmark Hilton Hotel in Chongqing's landmark building; Fulihua Hotel in Shenyang is also closed last year; Mediterranean Hotel and Yunshan Hotel are also transformed. The Golden Bridge Hotel in Guangzhou, Fulihua Hotel also changed apartments, etc. This is no longer a matter of two. The tide of high -end hotels that had never been used to have never been in the acting arts, and the original high -end brand image continued to step down to the altar.
    Is can I not help asking if there is a way out in the hotel industry? Poor is thinking about changes? R n The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the "Establishment and improvement of punishment and prevention of corruption system 2013-2017. The plan states that the government's punishment for corruption will be further increased in the next five years. At the end of the year, the loss of the annual market market showed that the anti -corruption winds in the next five years continued. The "Five -Year Plan" introduces that star -rated hotels will face a more severe market test. It is now 14 years and there are still three years of suffering in the future. The first three years are the most painful, which means that we are still sad in 14 and 15 years, and the next two years will be better.
    The shutdown of the hotel industry is an inevitable trend
    The economy is also the same. The most difficult financial crisis has passed, and enterprises have basically resumed their vitality, and business activities are also inevitable. People's salary and various guarantees are also more systematic, and the cost will be more loose. Industry and associations, organize some industries, continue to find more response strategies through some forums to make this winter not too cold. Some media have also called for some local government departments to make some regulations in order to prevent a region from excessively investing in hotels to maintain the balance of the entire hotel format. It is not easy to support a hotel, but it is very simple to destroy it. Any breaking the balanced transition development is tantamount to killing chickens and eggs. There is only one ending: chickens cannot live, and eggs cannot hatch because there is no time to precipitate.

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